Card Shop is Open!!

I've been working at selling my cards locally in several stores as well as on the Web.  Our .com store "" has been very difficult to use, We are looking for a new web host but in the mean time I'm setting up the studio store here! The categories are in the pages columns off to the right side bar just click on the appropriate titles! Do take a look at the ordering page for ordering instructions.   Today I put up the first batch of cards, I will have many more and if there is an interest I will also sell paper and embellishments.  My home page will be the same, now you'll be able to easily purchase the cards if you don't want to make your own!!

One of the first things I did was to make a new photo box to take new pictures of the cards:
This is foam core held together with shipping tape hinges!  When I'm not using it, it folds down flat and is 10x15 inches and a snap to put away!!
The rest of my room looks like a bomb went off and since it is 2:45 am It'll have to be picked up later!

I had my stack cutter on this, but I moved in another set of drawers and put the stack on that.  Now I have to find room for the stacks of shipboard you can see under the shelf plus a case of adhesive.  This just stayed in the room because I thought Tink would like to sit on it and be more in the way.
"I'm so bored"
More drawers to store card parts and my quilting fabrics in.
I still have stacks of cards to place into sleeves and get ready for a delivery tomorrow, desk is a mess too. I don't drink Arizona tea, but the boxes are great for putting card kits in and they are free!!
I'll also have lots of nice things to tuck into my card packages, that will be another project for tomorrow, finishing those!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day!
Ginny M


Lindsay Weirich said…
good luck with your card shop!I have never tries to sell physical merchandise online (too much bookwork for me LOL!) I hope it is a raging success! Did I spy a full ream paper cutter? Drool:)

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