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Like everyone else I have my favorite coloring methods and I was reminded this week of how much I like my favorites.  What reminded me was a lovely sales person trying to sell me on the importance of owning a set of alcohol markers that sold in her shop for 6.95 each.   A complete set would run around 3,000.00, the reinkers would be another 2,300.+ and who wants an incomplete set??  Actually I get a little drooly just thinking about owning a complete set... yes this is a Internet photo...
But  a complete set, throw in storage containers, a few new nibs and must have other necessities and you are looking at a capitol investment of 6,000.00 for magic markers to color with.  Now maybe I am crazy but that sounds like way to much money to do something that looks like my water coloring that cost me 24.00 every two years.  If I were an illustrator, If I had any skill in marker coloring, if I had a sponsor or a huge gift certificate, I'm pretty sure I'd want to try it.  But since none of those things are in my reality I have to work with my old school favorites, water colors, prisma pencils and chalks!  Now I don't want you to think I am not embracing the 21st century, I am!! I use Bic markit's and sharpies at least once a month to color gemstones on my cards, and I do have a full set of Tim Holtz distress markers and I like both very much!  Actually I Love the TH color palettes, I have all the distress pads and reinkers and most of the stains and a few of the daubers.

One thing I noticed with the TH markers, they do not like to be left standing.  I do use these markers often - mostly the brush end.  I  realized my pen tips were drying out from standing.  I had a bunch of invisiable markers!!  I came up with a quick solution on my running out of space desk top:

This a flyer holder I found going in  a trash can at the church officeThe good news was that after 48 hours of sitting in their sides they worked perfectly again!!  I thought this was worth sharing if anyone else was having a problem with the  TH markers, don't toss them before you try laying them on their sides!
I've had a lot of fun playing with new G45 papers, here are a few of the cards I made in the last couple of days:

These are all for sale and only a few of the new cards for the week, you can find them on the "whats new page" located on the top right side bar.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
Ginny M


aylanasafyne said…
I loved your post. I feel the same way. I don't want to own an investment of $6,000 in markers. I love to do illustration, especially manga. Most manga artists use a variety of Copics, PrismaMarkers & even Crayola color pencils. Crayola's give the most beautiful highlights when mixed with alcohol markers. Even Manga illustrators don't even own a whole set of Copics. Copics are known as the Manga marker. I do own a few but I will never own a complete set. I don't want them. It's not my favorite medium. I do own a complete set of Prisma's.

I know it's all marketing in the stamping world. Many a new stamper feels like they have to use Copics. I hear it every single week. It really turns them off on stamping. Why would they want that expensive hobby? I tell all the newbies :) use what makes you happy not what is hot in the in crowd.

My favorite mediums are watercolors, pencils & chalks. :) I loved your tip about storing Tim's markers. I make my own Distress Marker's. I have a set of Marvy Le Plume I doctored up.
Maxam Made said…
Hi Aylanasafyne! Thank you for your great comment! And I agree so much marketing in this art form, it is crazy!! The same thing happened in the quilt world, only with bigger price tags! When I color with my pencils I feel like I get good results as far as shading and details, I break down the pigments with either gamasol or baby oil, depending on the paper and image. I will have to try mixing with alcohol markers. I have never ventured into the world of "manga" that would be the generation after me! It is very cool! I also don't really care for "cute" in my stamp art and so much copic work is in that genre. I would LOVE to know how you do your own distress markers!! HAve you blogged about it??
Thanks and have a great day!!
Lori said…
Hi Ginny, I so agree with you about the Markers. I have been buying Letraset Pro Markers and they are comperable to Copics for much less money. They are Alcohol and have quite a variety of colors. Not as many as Copics, but enough to get the job done. I love the distress Pads too, but have not been able to afford the Markers yet. In all of my stamping years (More than 20), I have only known that most markers of any brand need to be stored on their sides to get proper flow. I got a large unit from a store going out of business that held markers to be sold individually. It is jam pack full. My favorites that I have almost all are Tombows (water based), but lately I have been buying Momento pad & a few markers. They are the best! I too love my prisma pencils and chalks for coloring.

You cards are so beautiful. I love Graphic 45 papers too! Have a great weekend! Hugs Lori
Lindsay Weirich said…
great tip, be well Ginny:)

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