Road trip to a new Shop!!

Today was a fun day, last minute so to speak I asked Steve to take me to a terrific stamp store in Simsbury CT as they were having a "Tag Sale".  For those of you who have never had the opportunity to go to one of these this is how they work:  A local stamp/scrapbook stores will take in stamp/scrap items from their customers to be sold at tag sale prices.  The shop will have the tag sale and the donors items that are sold are tallied and the donor receives a store credit for the amount of their sales.  So this is a win win for everyone!!  I went through my supplies and discovered I had one available stamp pad I could drop off. Needless to say I didn't!  

                                                        Here is a photo of the shop
Inside was a stampers dream come true!
This was a very easy shop to shop in, a huge variety of things layed out in a manner that was fun to shop in and not overwhelming.
Firstly the staff was so friendly and helpful. This is Sharon and Pat
This is Cathy and she helped me navigate through the tag sale goodies!!
And Susan the store owner,  left her lunch to demonstrate copics for me!
The Store offerings were awesome, there was something there for every style and expertise of stamper and scrapbooker.  From cute to steampunk there were quality stamps, papers, and tools to excite a longtime stamper like myself!!  Not that I am a snob, but you know, same ole, same ole is boring in any type of art.  Not here, there were new products and the latest stamps and papers released from winter CHA! 
One thing I really appreciate about this store is they had a lot of different types of ink pads AND they had the reinkers to go with them!!  This shot isn't all the ink pads by any means!
I also felt the pricing was very good!  I'm kinda cheap and when I look at a rubber stamp I have to know I will be able to use the image in many ways and the price can't make me faint!
Bad picture of beautiful papers!!
Copics and Smooches!!!
and this is what I came home with, not shown is the picture is the G45 papers
 1 paper cutters, 1 circle cutter , 8 bottles of spray inks, 13 rubber stamps and a stamp pad (tag sale and new) 48.00!!!!
It was a fun time, Steve always has a great eye for new images and colors and since he is my best Friend he is the best person to go with!!
Unfortunately he edited his picture off my camera!!
Now I have to get back to card making!!
Thank you for stopping by and here is the link to this great shop I visited!
Have a great weekend!
Ginny M.


oooh just suffering from feeling weak at the knees here Ginny!!

... so good that I am sitting down isn't it???

LOVE THAT SHOP (yes, yelling) fancy having only come away with that much loot well done..

Lovely share thanks :D Shaz in Oz.x

(superb sunshine over here so that counts and makes up for no shops like that :D)
Tamika said…
I get super excited in stores like that! I smile so hard my head hurts?

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