The place of Victory

It is Sunday afternoon and I am posting in between church services.  The "Steves" and I had a  wonderful lunch together, roasted chicken and potatoes, lots of veggies and homemade oat bread.  Sunday's table feeds us both physically and spiritually. It is the one day a week we know we can sit down as a family and just talk.  We have dinner every night, at the table but now that Steve is an adult he is usually working or on the go. I miss those days of us all being together, and now that that season has passed for the kids I am very glad it was something I insisted on and I hope they will do the same when they are busy raising their families.

We had a great time in Clinton, NY.  The purpose was to be with my Father-in-law while he was recovering from a surgery.  He did very well and is feeling great! We were able to go on long walks and have dinners with friends and family. 

Clinton is a very charming town,

Lots of little shops and coffee houses.  It is the home of Hamilton College and seems to always have a very positive vibe.  I look at this town as my future home, and when we walk through the village streets I feel like Abraham claiming the land.  When I married Steve 11 years ago, I knew when he retired we would come back to his home town, and for Steve, 25 years later he is ready and I am ready, We both feel The Lord is making the way for us, just as he did Abraham. We don't know when , but we are getting ready.   It is very exciting and of course bittersweet.  I am thankful my family and friends are only 3.5 hours away, and easy drive and one that we are very used to making.

I had a conversation with a friend and (I was addressing a concern in my own heart) this morning and it had to do with there seeming to be needs in the church that go unmet.

I had to say we know that God is sufficient in all things and that He promises to meet all our needs. I whole heartedly believe this, that God alone is perfect and that His great love for us and to us is with out flaw and without lacking.  

But the question remains, why do some people remain hindered to the point of not growing in grace or in the natural seasons of life.  Marriage problems aren't resolved, finances a wreck, year after year, anxiety steals peace; The cares of life smother the Joy of Grace.

As I listened the answer came to me.  In the life of the Christian, Grace is the default, unmerited favor. We do not earn it and cannot be promoted in it, Grace just is, it pours from the Mercy of God, it is magnificent, it is part of the anointing of God in our lives, it is what he gives us to live in this world and to serve Him with gladness. And while grace abounds, so don't the consequences of sin, this runs concurrent with grace and we cannot escape the effects it will have in our lives.  We get sick, we get broke, we get flat tires, we get cancer and people we love die.

So how do we live in the state of victory ? The answer comes from John 5:8 

A man had a problem and he told the Lord the problem hindered him from the victory that was only a few feet away from him.

The man said in affect he could not receive the victory because he had no one to get him to it.

Jesus said "Rise, take up thy bed, and walk"

This is the answer: Obedience

The man took up his bed and walked. I think if he argued with Jesus and said; "look I have never walked in my life, but I have faith that if you could bring me to the victory I will receive it".  I think if he had done that, he would have laid there waiting another lifetime.  Instead he simply obeyed  God.  He took up his bed and walked.

Obedience to God is always the right answer, there are so many times in life where we see the victory, we believe the victory is there but just can't seem to get to it.  We wait patiently for Godly circumstances to carry us to it.  I think that is why so much waiting is going on.

In the conversation I related this to my friend and told her I needed to rethink a few things, am I Obeying the voice of God in my life or am I waiting for the wonderful blessing to carry me to the victory?   My own question has made me think a little deeper about my own walk with God and made me to realize I can't carry anyone to the victory, as much as I might want to, or they might want me to, the Victory in our lives hinges on one thing:

Obeying God
which God honors more than sacrifice
I challenge you to look into your life and if you aren't at the place of victory, Ask God why and see if you have missed a calling of obedience to your life from the Lord.
You can know that is what I am doing, I want to live fully and freely in Victory.
Victory is the portion of the Church Triumphant.
Thanks for stopping by and if you are in New England, Stay Warm!!
Ginny M


Davi said…
Thanks for sharing those words of wisdom Ginny :)
Jan Castle said…
Beautiful town Ginny...looks like a painting!
TFS your heart too.

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