New Directions

I 've been gone for 6 weeks from my blog, it hardly seems like 6 days!  I had to stop blogging for a little while because frankly I was even boring myself! I love card making and I love the art of ink on paper, I have for decades and I will probably for decades to come!  But there has to be a point to the things we do and I had to think Just what exactly am I doing day in and day out , both in my blog and in my real life.  Do you ever feel that way?  I'm 53, the important days of raising my children are done, they all made it to adult hood and I made it to their adult hood. So what am I supposed to be doing now?  I am not of the puritan mindset that every minute of every day needs to be profitable, to me that is a fast way to have a stroke and be just plain miserable! But there should be a point of doing what ever it is I am doing!
There is an Asian expression "The days of wine and rice"
The expression refers to the early days of the middle years, the days when your kids have grown, when you have established your own personal empire, the days where you look at the legacy that you will be imparting to the next needy generation.  I am looking at those days now. and I am embracing them.

 These are the years of freedom I have labored for my entire young life.
This was the point I looked forward to when I was raising my kids and working two jobs, when I married Steve and we labored together for the day of prosperity.
There will be changes in my blog and some of my readers will not like them and not want to continue reading, I understand that but there is just so much more to life than our hobbies!  It all boils down to when you leave, what will you take with you?  Well one thing I know there won't be a U-Haul full of Rubber stamps following me to the cemetery! 
What I will take is the Love of God, His mercy, His peace and His Joy!
I will have  of stamp art But I will also include more healthy cooking ideas and recipes, reviews on products and trials on new tastes!
If you remember I went on a  craft spending fast?  Well something got a hold of me during that and I realized my spending and crafting was totally out of balance! Now I know not everyone has this problem, but I did!!  So I still haven't purchased and craft things because I still don't need any new thing!
Yes, I have bought other things But I have also pulled away form the computer and the social media network, I got out side and reconnected with people.  I've lost 53 lbs, I've gone from a size 18 to a size 12 and yes I feel really good!
I've reconnected with teaching teens in away that I haven't for some time.
We're looking at big family changes and we are ready for them!
My Wonderful husband is cancer free, feeling better every day from the side affects of treatment:
Here he is after running 5.5 miles in 65 miniutes
After I peeled the dog off him, we both walked Luke another 3 miles.
In the Kitchen:
I am cooking whole foods and Homemade breads to nourish our bodies:

 These are things I want to share with you too, because they make me happy and healthy! 
The absolute very most important thing is this:
 The word of God
I'm not going to preach at you, but I will share peace, Joy and Love.
Jesus said "I am the Truth the Life and the Way"
When we walk in the ways of God, we will have peace, and prosperity no matter what life's storms blow our way!
Thank you for spending some of your precious time reading my blog!
Tomorrow I will have some cards made for Karen Murray at WORDART!!
Ginny M


Hi Ginny, have been praying for you and wondering how things were going for you, glad to see you back and trust the LORD will continue to bless guide and use you dear friend, Shaz in Oz.x
Hi Ginny, It is good to hear from you. I am blessed to know you and encouraged by your words of Godly wisdom and ignited love for God Kingdom. I look forward to your Blog postings. Hugs, Antoinette
Davi said…
Ginny, Good to hear from you and a great post! I can relate to much that you are saying.The issues that we have been dealing with for the past 6 months have certainly made me reflect on some things and backed off on some of my crafting time.The most important thing is our relationship with Christ and that has to take priority! Looking forward to your posts :) blessings
Robyn said…
Ginny, I am delighted to see you committed to improved health, especially spiritual health! I start each morning with a Proverb, chapter number that matches the day of the month! I encourage anyone to start there. So much wisdom to help us grow! Blessings in your coming days. So glad hubby has the energy to run!! BTW, that is one huge dog!!

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