Helpful tip!!

When I went to the Heirloom Stamp show two weekends ago I discovered a new tool, the tool was designed to pick up rhinestones and other tiny bling.  The tool looked like it worked great and I really wanted it, but it was 28.95 and they highly recommended buying the case to go with it because the working end tip was very fragile. This meant looking at a 40.00 expense - I just couldn't justify spending that on a stylus type tool!  So I I came up with my own, it is cool and CHEAP!
 I used a ball point scoring tool that I rarely use for scoring, you could use anything with a small tip- knitting needle, tiny crotchet hook Etc.

What you need: pointy tip tool, Aleene's tack it over and over.

What you do: Dip the pointy tip in a drop of Aleene's glue and let it dry!  That is it!!

That is it!! I'm sure the glue tip will wear off at some point but I've been setting bling all weekend and it is working just great!!

I hope you find this helpful!!
Have a great day!!
Ginny M


Tangela Brown said…
I love these kind of tips! Keep them coming! Thanks
Jen Evers said…
Awesome tip!! I have a picker upper but should it wear out, this is the route I'm going. I love DIY ideas like this! Thanks for sharing. I'm ISO a dupe for the new "bottle brush" looking tool that removes all the teeny pieces of paper from intricate dies. xoxo Jen
Scrapsalot said…
Awesome top! Thanks for sharing!
Carol said…
Great tip Ginny! Thank you. Jen E. I saw where someone uses a hairbrush and pushes the tiny pieces through and uses a spongy pad underneath to catch them. Perhaps a bottle brush would work and you could roll it over the paper? Just a thought.
Gracie CH said…
That's a great tip!
Myrna said…
Great tip.
I often see crafters using Aleens Tack - It over and over but I have not found a place to buy it here in Canada yet.
Mehrll said…
Thanks a lot for the tip. I was given a tool that is supposed to do that and it doesn't. I will have to try this.
Eliza said…
These are the sort of tips that I love, I use tweezers and have for years without any problems. I also have a sticky pencil, I got it from China for $4 for about 6 of them and they have been great but I still keep going back to my tweezers. I know weird ha....

Hugs Eliza
Tara Duvall said…
Hey Ginny, did u know u can make glue dots with Aleene's Tack it Over and Over? I make them and absolutely LOVE them. Not to mention I'm not spending $5.00 a box for them anymore.....:-)

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