New glue and a few cards over the weekend

What a beautiful weekend here in Western Massachussetts!  We've a lot of fun here the last two weeks with little family parties, My Mothers 87th birthday, that party was brought to her house, Fathers' day, and my youngest's 20th birthday! In between all that cooking and cleaning and having fun, I've been busy in my craft room!

I'm using a new to me  glue product and I thought I would share just a bit about it.  The glue is called:

Lineco pH Neutral PVA Bookbinding Adhesive 

I purchased this in the gallon size and decanted it to a smaller 6 oz squeeze bottle.  As far as glue goes I think this is a bit on the pricey side. I was able to try this product when Steve and I took a book binding class together last winter.  
It was the only glue the teacher recommend for the bookbinding process.  What I was impressed with was the fact that this glue did not cause the paper to rumple and have that " I used glue" look even on thin 20# bond paper.  The shop price was out of my range so I skipped this product and started searching for glues.  You may remember I settled with a product called "Ultimate Glue"  UG works great but there is one problem, it is very thick and very dry for a wet glue, and this meant I was having to use alot of squeeze pressure on the bottle and this really was bothering my hand (I have a tendon/ligament problem) It was enough of a problem that I had to find another product.  The Lineco product is really really thin, I don't know how it doesn't totally saturate the paper, but it doesn't.  The hold is super strong with just a tiny, tiny bit and the paper remains flexible - you have a 30 second window before it sets up, so you can straighten out your art work if you need (that is important for me)!  I ended up purchasing this in the gallon size on Amazon, with prime the shipping was free and the total cost was 47.00, I just checked it before writing this post and noticed it has gone up 10.00 !! Here is a link to the Amazon page with smaller sizes.   This product is also made in the USA and packaged and sold by a company about 4 miles from my house!!  That is important to me too!

                          Here's a few cards I've made over the weekend:

The very pretty rose bud paper was a freebie from  Graciellie Designs

Calendar card #5
I made this for a teacher friend

Calendar card #6

                                                      Calendar card #7

All of the calendar cards are going in the mail to friends, this is a licensed image and to re sell them would be a violating  copyrite.

 I am having a lot of fun making these cards!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found my chapter on the Glue story helpful!
Have a great day!
Ginny M


MariLynn said…
Love your repurposed calendar cards. The sparkle of the lilacs is so pretty.
Very interesting re glue.. wish sometimes US wasn't so far away and post so high. Don't use Amazon. I love cards well done dear friend. Shaz in Oz x

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