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Like everyone else I'm going in a lot of directions right now and to be honest while I am hoping to get through a certain level of middle aged woman brain fog, I am really having a good time! I don't have a tree up yet, the total sum of my household christmas decorations is pine around my soup tureen on the center of my dining room table and  a stash of beautiful Christmas cards  on the buffet that I need to hang up! I'm probably not going to go crazy with a tree - I didn't get  the living room painted last week - So most likely I will pop up the 4 footer on top of a chest in the living room. and that will be about it.  I'm not a humbug about Christmas, it is just that I live celebrating the Saviour all year long, the actual holiday of christmas is so far removed from what I celebrate I have a hard time getting caught up in it for one day a year according to the marketing industry.  But we will have a wonderful holiday, filled with family, friends and good food.  Right now I have bread baking and I just made a couple quarts of almond milk, I'm toasting the almond mulch from making the milk and that will go into bread and oatmeal mix once it is toasted up.  I enjoy the festive pause the world takes during this time, But I never put Jesus Away till next year, as it is written; In Him we live and move and have our being.

While I'm baking and gift making, I have some fun freebies for you to color:

Now that my christmas cards are done and long gone, I am working on next years batch of anniversary cards for our church family, this is trickier than you might think!  Stay tuned..

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Ginny M


Amen sis another verse that came to mind is :
"In Him we move and have our being"
And a hymn..
Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before. ."
Great digis. Thanks for sharing.
Shaz in Oz.x

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