I took the plunge and ordered a Pitney Bowes postage meter.  I had been planning on doing this for some time and was waiting for a really good deal to come along.  I ordered the machine last week and it arrived yesterday!  I set the machine up first with a LAN connection and then with WiFi, as per the instructions.    My first attempt at setting these types of connections up manually, it wasn't difficult.

The machine takes up about a cubic foot of space , so this makes it very easy to find an area in my small workroom.  Tt weighs things up to 5 lbs. , metered 1st class postage is .48 per ounce, so there is a saving there. you can order more postage via the internet, you can print directly or on postage tapes.

This is my first outgoing!  I picked the holiday banner.  

Since it is a freezing raining day here, I plan on getting my christmas cards out, the meter came at just the right time!!

I hope you are having a great day!!
Ginny M


Ah lovely warm sunshiny day here sis.. sending warm hugs. Love the idea of saving post cost. Shaz in Oz.x
Anne said…
What a gizmo! A friend treated me to some postage stamps for Christmas and I have been busy lickin' & stickin'! My only concern is not being able to weigh things precisely but it's great not having to wait in a busy queue and then keeping others waiting whist my stuff is being weighed. So a good investment by you! Bravo!
Look at you! Your own little postage queen! How neat though that you can choose the banner.
Jan Castle said…
Good for you! A Penney saved is a Penney earned!!!! So, can you post a message of your design on the tape???? Or, just seasonal choices they provide? Have fun with your cards and your new machine!!!

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