Busy with the Holidays, just like everyone else!

This week has kept me busy with making and addressing Christmas cards!  How about you?
I mailed out 124 regular Christmas cards and 32 Asian Christmas cards for my Oriental Stamp Arts group.  I Love sending out CHRISTmas cards,  it is a final opportunity for me to talk about my wonderful Saviour.  When I think of how polluted our world is with hate and violence, so much so that we even call it entertainment, it makes me hang my head out of shame for what man is becoming.  But then there is still that star, that beautiful guiding light that makes me lift my eyes and remember that in 3 AD, there was a gentle cry, of God made manifest in flesh, come to bring peace and goodwill to all men.

I'd like to challenge you all, turn the tv off one night and read the real Christmas story , you'll  find it in the Gospel of Luke or Matthew.

Thank you for stopping by, Merry Christmas Season!
Ginny M


Yes dear Ginny, I so love the story, the hope of glory one day for all who believe in Jesus as Saviour.
Love Shaz.xxxx

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