Butterfly Ideas, old school!

I love using butterflies on my cards, I'm not big on embellishments and chunky things, but I do love butterflies!
Once upon a time about two years ago, I had lots of butterfly punches and dies and I never used them, so I sold them. Every once in awhile, I think about buying another one or dozen but reality is I won't use them - too lazy!
This is what I do do, it is really old school  and I really enjoy making them this way!

I have lots of butterfly stamps, this one is by Penny Black and it is a favorite for this project:

I stamp them on white paper: and then color and coat with lineco glue

I heat emboss on designer cardstock:

I just stamp on cardstock:

All of these took an hour to stamp emboss and cut out!

Here is a thank you card I made using two

It is lots of fun and you won't have to purchase anything!  

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


jen evers said…
What is linco glue? And what are you using to color them? They look stunning on the card, I want to make some! xoxo Jen
Diana Taylor said…
Oh wow, they are gorgeous - I love anything butterfly or moth-ish! I also love the rich colours you've used, they look fabulous and I am off to look up lineco glue - there is so much I don't know about!! The card is stunning and I love the vintage feel and that dear little tag on it. I have to say I like the old-fashioned way of stamping and cutting - I have butterfly punches and dies but don't often use them, if at all - I think Tim often persuades us we need fancy stuff when really we don't!!
Hope you have a good week (what's left of it!),
Diana #20
Clever plus, sis, I do love your colour combinations you use too.
Thanks for sharing,
Shaz in Oz.x

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