Software found! The last card from Texas and a Freebie

Back in the spring, my computer crashed.  I had a backup - I back up x2 a week. But for some reason, my Photoshop Elements#10 was lost.  I had the original disk, as old as PE10 is, it is still legitimate.  But I couldn't find it - those things happen when you move cross country.  A few days ago while I was repacking I found it! But I couldn't remember how to use it - I had just started when I lost it the first time.  I really wanted to get on with making my own word art and collage type stamps.  So since I seemed to be stalled with PE, I downloaded Gimp. anyone feeling my pain?  I uninstalled gimp and forced myself to sit down and work with PE. What Little I knew came back - YaY!!

All my creative stuff is packed and ready for loading, no card making, cooking, stitching - Nada!

Here is my desk to prove it!  Word, water, todo list, a couple cards to write out and stamps to mail them.  A little bleak in the crafty sense.

I was very happy when PE started coming together for me;  Here is the image I put together,
you are welcome to copy and save for your card making:

I scrounged for scissors and found my kitchen shears were in a box not yet taped!  I wiggled 6 colored pencils out of my students supplies cabinet and a card base, a sheet of paper from a pad and a piece of black card stock.

I grabbed a little bottle of Elmer's glue for the card and to coat the butterflies:

Here it is, the last card from Texas,

This process and the card make me think of the old song, 'Little is much when God is in it'.   A couple more days and we hit the road, I am hoping to get a few more of these collage stamps done to leave with you while I am on the road! If you like these types of freebies, leave a comment! Comments are very encouraging and it gives me an idea of what you all like.  
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Love the graphic thanks Ginny - I really appreciate the time and effort for these fabulous results.
Blessings and safe travel
Clever indeed sis, so glad the Lord blessed. Praying for you, Steve and his darling dad. God be with you and journey mercies.
Thanks for sharing,
Shaz in Oz.x

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