Word Art Wednesday anything Goes Challenge Z# 266-267 a freebie and a burning house

I Love this verse, probably because there was a season of my life where the only thing I could do was look up for my help.  And you know, the Lord never disappointed me.  There were times I would think if I just had a little more money everything would be better.  I could pay the bill, or buy the thing or get the car fixed, If the Lord would just send that miracle check in the mail,   and then it wouldn't come.  One day I had an Ephnani, if the check didn't arrive, I really didn't need it.  It was very similar to the Ephanani I had 14 years ago when my house was burning down. I looked at Steve (we had been married for two months) and said "what if we end up in a shelter" - we had three kids under 18- and that had been my biggest fear as a single parent.  He looked at me in a way that reached right into my heart and said, "well, if that happens, that is where Gods wants us"  It was a revelation and it took all of the fear and upset out of me, in other words even if the house was burning down, we were in the palm of his hands.   
As believers, we are always in the palm of His hands and He knows when and how to perfectly deliver any help we need,  Look up, He delivers!

Here is my card for today's verse , I have created a digital for you to make one too!

Thanks for stopping by, 
I hope you join in the wonderful challenge at Word Art Wednesday,
 there is just so much blessing there!
Ginny M

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Dorothy S said…
I saw this gorgeous card on the Word Art site and simply had to stop by to thank you for sharing your lovely creation. You also told an inspiring story.
Dorothy S said…
I just took another look - and see you are offering this image. Thank you so much!
Crystal Komara said…
This is a really beautiful image, Ginny and I love how you layered it. It adds so much depth and dimension. Hugs, Crystal
Oooooh loving this sis, grievous image, marvellous marvellous verse, great ie our Lord indeed.
Thanks for sharing your inspiration,
Shaz in Oz.x
Gotta save that image...

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}
Mm certainly didn't write grievous image sighhhhhhh great image.. I meant. 😑
Greta said…
Beautiful scene--love the dimension!
lavonne said…
Love your cards, especially the beautiful lady! God's blessings!

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