Set of get well cards and breaking in the new room

Tonight I found myself with hours of craft time, Steve was busy with work stuff, everything and everyone were all set - Yay!  So I decided to do 4 things at once.  Why?  Who knows, not the best idea!  So I broke in the new craft room.  When I was a kid if I got something new, I wanted to save it - I had a hard time wearing a new sweater or playing a new game.  New things are intimidating for me.  My new craft room intimidated me.  They probably make medicine for issues like this, I almost couldn't make anything.  I started with a gift project I am making for 17 people and after my printer gave me the same ole problems it always does I started to feel at home.  I printed and fussy cut the parts, then I did 3 DT cards and then I started on a set of get well cards.  I'll show you those now.

I find it very handy to keep a group of bases and envelopes on hand, these cards are made in an A5 size 4.25 x 6.5  I love this size! I'm not sure it is even a standard size. Thre years ago I bought a case of 2500 envelopes ion tat size and a case of paper.  I had the case of paper cut to fit the envelopes.

I pulled out this tool by Fiskars - I've had it for a while, I still haven't decided if I like it.

Um, yup I remember it being a pain

But I got it after a few punches

I pulled a mat stack of pretty paper and ribbons and paired them up

Pulled out the faithful Misti - I love using this, I never got the hang of using a positioner and getting a straight sentiment required many attempts. Now, a perfect image every time!

I purchased a very nice set of get well sentiments from Sweet and Sassy Stamps, fortunately, I had a gift certificate prize from Christian Card Makers Group and that helped with the cost!

Here are the cards:

My back stamp - on every card. Every time I stamp and read this verse I feel blessed, this was the verse that arrested my thinking and opened the door of the gospel to me.

I am working on digitizing a set of card sentiments and "innies" for hospice use.  The idea came out of need.  I think sending a card that says feel better to someone who is dying is pretty lame.  But that person needs encouragement and fellowship.  This is a very prayerful project and I will share it when I'm done.  
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget- let you Light shine!
Ginny M


Laura said…
Love the chic look of your cards! Beautiful color combos and pretty punched paper and lace! Sweet little butterflies! Love how you have added torn paper with the sentiment! THanks for sharing! I may have to CASE your idea!
Mm I agree sis re the need for the right verses for those terminally ill ive a small collection in word docs for that.
Thanks for sharing your inspiration,
Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}
Crystal Komara said…
Glad you had a fun and productive day in your new studio!!
What a great start to working in your new studio Ginny - those cards are wonderful!! I agree there is a need for sentiments for 'end of life'/'hospice' cards, other than thinking of you - praying for you, of which there are plenty around.!!
okienurse said…
Awesome cards and what a great baptism of your new studio! I don't know the answer for the end of life sentiment issue. Some are really morbid and others while appropriate aren't very uplifting at all. I am a Maxine follower (comic strip) and use some of her one liners from time to time. some are really cute...Happy New Year! Vickie #12

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