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With this last move, my life has really changed; for a short season, I am my Father In Laws' caregiver.  Steve and I moved back to Clinton NY to take care of him; his wish to spend what time he has in the comfort of his home.  Steve was offered a great job on the local AFB and took it.  Bits of our lives are coming into what I would describe as normal.  Steve's working, I've become more comfortable with caring for my FIL and I'm starting my studio business back up.

A lot in one months time, Did I mention we are renovating the house?   I said all that to say that my time to blog is more limited.   The focus has not changed - reaching out with practical Christian living.

I am also working on new projects and expanding my ability to reach out (I hope!)

I have a Facebook Group 'Christain Card Makers' that offers resources at no cost to card makers, its purpose is to encourage those who encourage others.  If you are interested in joining stop by, it is really a great drama free group - we even have at least two monthly contests!
Speaking of which, the last contest I had was a show and tell of our crafty spaces.  as a prize, I made each contributor a gift for their art room.  I had 18 of these to make and I am very happy to say the main body of work is done and they should be in the mail tomorrow!

I made a purchase to help me get these done and I think this might be the best $3.99 I have spent at home depot!  I thought I'd share this with you today and tomorrow I will show off the finished results.

This is a giant Sharpie!!

I love to have dark mat frames on my cards, but sometimes those few extra pieces of paper send the way into parcel zone.  for this project especially I wanted to keep the weight down as I was using heavy card stocks for the main layers:

The marker plus a ruler, gives me a great border!

Try it you will like it!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Crafty Deb said…
Great idea Ginny! I always have my sharpies close by. Love them.
Aimee said…
Great idea! Does the Sharpie bleed through the paper though?
I can't wait to check out your FB group!
What a great find and really awesome 'tool'.

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