Healthy things to do when it is so cold And why I went Gluten Free and a freebie

Here in Central New York, we've had a week of sub zero weather. So  this is what I have been doing inside: soaking and then dehydrating 12 lbs of Walnuts, Apples, today; Lemons,and then overnight Onions (Outside in the garage!).  Oranges and Lemons go into the water, we drink a lot and this gives the water a nice flavor boost and a few nutrients. I am also going to make my first batch of Ginger Beer today (non-alcoholic)

Why I've gone gluten and dairy free

 I have always had a lot of food allergies -since I was a little kid, but something happened to me in Texas and my Autoimmune system went a little haywire  and I developed even more allergies, so now I can't eat gluten, any kind of Dairy( including beef- Casein allergy) Chickpeas, Soy, Coconut Oil. So this has meant basically  I had to learn how to cook all over again. Gluten was a big thing, I thank God I had to make a trip to the ER last June, I had a cold which spiraled into a really bad asthma attack, After they got me breathing again the DR. noticed I was covered in hives and started listening to me when I had told her about how I had been feeling the last few years-the other Drs I went to said it was all in my head and I needed to go on anti-depression/anxiety meds! Because my blood work always came back pretty normal. I wasn't depressed I was having food allergies! So that ER Dr. thought I probably had a form of Celiac disease. So as of June 1st I (we) went gluten-free. It was a life changer! I am still working on the hives, The last thing was the coconut oil issue. However from going gluten-free ( and if I do eat gluten now I have a massive reaction- so I know I am gluten intolerant), My joint pain disappeared, I haven't had a cold, No more Asthma!!! The joint pain in my feet not only disappeared, but the joints went back to normal. my Bunions even shrunk! 3 weeks ago I gashed my hand while washing a broken glass - two inches long and so deep I could see all the layers of fat- I butterflied it together and in one week it was completely healed,, no infection and a pencil-thin scar. No more adult acne and I sleep every night! and if that isn't enough, I have lost 43lbs this year Steve has lost 20+ no more wheat bellies.No more pain after eating, I feel better than I ever have, it was like taking a turn back the clock pill. It takes about 1 year to heal a leaky gut caused by Gluten intolerance. And if that isn't enough, We love eating gluten free, it was a challenge, but now I can make my own Bread again , I am finding mixes that are delicious. I still cook everything from scratch, can, and dehydrate. We limit our overall carbs and don't use processed anything (including sugar) because of my food allergies -I really need to be careful. We have found our quality of life has improved dramatically. We eat alot of homemade soup, salads, organic as much as possible. Nuts, Seeds. Olive Oil, and careful selection of grains and beans. I truly love to cook and this has become a wonderful part of our life - and we save a lot of money because we eat much less. After spending a lot of time reading about all this and the autoimmune system, I learned something really important: being overweight is a symptom of being malnourished. When the body is nourished, it will not be crazy hungry and chemically imbalanced - driving itself to eat more to get the nutrients it desperately needs. We are fearfully and wonderfully made - made to enjoy our bodies and the Life God gave us. When we are sick and riddled with pain, look at the food source - if it is sick and full of chemicals and additives- how could our bodies not be? Processed foods are chemically laden with toxic, deadly chemicals - of course in small doses, but you spend a life time eating antifreeze and you will be sick. My first step was to get rid of processed food. I read every label. If you are interested in feeling better and enjoying life more; Stop eating processed food,  kick the sugars and the gluten. You will feel the withdrawal- then you WILL start to feel better!  Life here in NY is quite Cold for about 4 months of the year and we have to be able to take care of things inside and out - we need to be ready and able.  We want to enjoy our soon to be here retirement years and that means being prepared, Spiritually, Financially, Physically and Emotionally. Thanks for stopping by and here is a freebie! 

Ginny M



Thank you for the freebie Ginny - and I hear what you are saying regarding eating and processed food. I have changed my diet a lot in the past few months and am feeling the better for it.
KathyA. said…
Thanks for the wonderful freebie, and for sharing your allergy tale. I also have many allergies. One of my biggest is coconut. And I am learning that coconut oil, with now is touted as a "superfood" by many is hidden in so many things. Did you know that most lipsticks and lip protectors contain coconut oil? Well... they do! May God continue to bless your healthy lifestyle!
Unknown said…
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