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Winter here is cold, so far not to much snow, but lots of cold.  Perfect time to spend warming up the house with wonderful aromas from my whole food kitchen, which is now Gluten and Dairy free.  Since we have gone the DF and GF route ( due to food allergies) I've had to learn a whole new way of cooking, Honestly, I thought this was going to be rough.  But I am really enjoying the experience both in cooking and the improvement of my health.  I have now lost 50 pounds  that I been dragging me down. My overall general health is much improved.  I am thankful!

Here is what I did yesterday:

Gluten free flour made from home ground rices: 4 cups each: White rice, Sweet rice, Brown rice and 4 cups Cassava ( ground tapioca). all milled in my Vitamix

Highly season bread for making GF croutons and Bread crumbs. In the bread machine.

Bread sliced and ready to go in the dehydrator.

Cubed and dehydrated. Some will go into the vita mix for bread crumbs.

one loaf of bread yields a quart of croutons and a quart of bread crumbs. Cost $1.00, buying these organic and GF in the store would cost about $7.50!

Another loaf this time of Gf sandwich bread - GF breads often taste like saw dust, not this one, it is yummy and cost about $1.25 to make. GF bread in the store is about $4.75 a loaf.

Ready for grilling with a little Goat Mozzarella.

Olive Oil for grilling

Homemade Tomato basil soup $3.00 for 2.5 Quarts. Dairy free and organic.

The end result: YUM! a little dehydrated onion and kale for a tasty garnish. Eating Gluten free and Dairy free doesn't have to be the reported 242% increase in food cost ( that is a real statistic) Spending time in the kitchen and in cookbooks can yield wonderful affordable food that is good for you!

Hungry yet?  
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Ginny M


That looks wonderful Ginny - I know what you mean about the costs of going GF and DF as my daughters family had to do that for years. Thankfully SIL has received a healing, and now only needs to be careful with his sugar levels, and the children have virtually grown put of the dairy issues they had.
Sharon Johnson said…
You made the Tomato Basil Soup from scratch in your Vitamix? I'd love the recipe if you are willing to share. I LOVE making soups in the Vitamix. A beautiful post!

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