How to Make a Sweet Anniversary or Wedding Card and a Tip.

Because I am the Church "Card Lady" along with a half dozen other card sending entities I go through a lot of cards. Keeping enough on hand so I can focus on writing and sending can be a challenge.  I make a lot of cards on individual basis but more and more I am making them in batches.
Today I made anniversary or wedding cards.  I will show you a finished card and then walk through the process.  I did use my Cricut explore Air 2 for this card:

This is an A6 size card, I used 140# watercolor paper. I use Canson XL for this, it is so inexpensive and makes great card bases and has the benefit of being able to do water color as a one layer card.

I buy the 9x11 size and cut in half - either way and I have a A6 size card.  I buy this on Amazon or Walmart. $5.50 an pad and that yields 60 bases or if I chop it in quarters to stamp or print on - yes this will go through my cannon pixma- I get 120 card fronts

I cut this image with my Cricut, I purchased a .99 cent  SVG - I just love trees!

Not having a lot of Brown solid core  cardstock on hand I also used some of the papers from stacks I had in my stash.  Some of these were White core and 65# weight which did not really cut well.   You can see where the knife lifts also brought out the white core:

I have an easy trick to hide this - which means I can use this type of paper for cutting.

I find an ink pad as close to the color paper as possible  and I brush ink over the cut paper, this only takes a few second and really works well.  I purchased these shaving brushes on eBay for $2.00 each and they have lasted for years.  I have about a dozen and use one for each color family in dye inks - works great.

You would never know there was a problem when I was done.

This sweet stamp is 'My Sentiments Exactly, it is wood mounted so I pray every time I stamp -"Please help me to keep it straight and have enough but not too much ink!"

I hope you find this helpful for your card making!
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Thanks for stopping by, 
Ginny M


Shelly Schmidt said…
A wonderful card Ginny! I have to try watercolor paper through my printer- cannot say I have tried that! I love that sentiment, being alot Irish and all!!!
I have some shaving brushes too Ginny, and don't use them enough! Love your 'fix'

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