Masculine Card for Encouragement and a Little Old School Stamping.

 As encouragement for the men in our church, Steve sends an encouraging "word" to each of the men at the beginning of the month.  My job is to take that encouragement and turn it into a card.  For February, I decided to hand stamp the card front after doing the message on the interior.  

I used a terrific stamp by Paperbagstudios, wood mounted, red rubber.  I believe this company is no longer in business, but I can still find their cool stamps on eBay, which is where this one came from.  I'll show you the card and then take you through the process: 

This is an A6 size top fold card; the base is  Sundance felt finish 110# card stock

The stamp is 3.5x4.5 

I liked the quote on the stamp, but I needed to remove it for my purposes.

Without the quote:

 It was a little difficult to get a good stamped image; this is not abnormal for larger wood-mount stamps.  Since I am a collector as well as a user of vintage Magenta stamps, I worked out a great way to get a good image time after time many years ago.  I used a simple tool called a Speedball Press.
They are a little pricey and many stampers now do not use wood mounts.  So I can't recommend you run out and get one, you may never need one.  If you do use big block wood mounts, you will love this!  Instead of slamming the stamp on paper or placing it on paper and then standing on it, try one of these:
I placed a silicone sheet on the rubber surface to prevent the card stock slipping.  I placed the card stock on the mat, then placed the inked stamp on the card, brought down the handle, and pressed!  Very simple and you get a good image every time.
If you would like to read another post I made some years ago about the press click here

The lever action places the right amount of weight evenly over the stamp.


Here you can see the difference between the hand stamp on the left and the pressed stamp on the right.

 This makes an even bigger difference when you are making large batches of cards, especially if you have and type of hand issues.

The image illustrated this verse:

Don't we all need direction?

Thank you for stopping by I hope this post was helpful to you!
Ginny M



Such a beautiful card, Ginny, and your press is a wonderful piece of machinery - I have never seen on here! Well done on how you managed to 'remove' the original sentiment!

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