A card is Born ~ L'Chaim

I'm now using  Steve's laptop because I have blown up another computer.   At least this time I had everything backed up, or I should say Steve was able to get it backed up before it totally crashed.   I thought I'd show you the process of one of my card sets, this one is very simple.  First I have to get Dogzilla to cooperate.  I don't sleep a lot at night and I can get quite a bit done, but during the day, I have my 165lb toddler to take care of .

We have to get Him from here

To Here. No easy or quick task, that is 3 mile walk  and a trip to the to teh grocery store later!!

So here in picture is my process of getting a set of 50 cards made.  This set required no coloring, only the focal image was brush stroked.  So this was a fast set.  In total about 4 hours.

Card bases Cut from 11"x15"  140lb Cold press paper in a beautiful winter white.

Bases cut to size 5.5 x 11

Each sheet is scored and then burnished for a perfect fold,                                                    Please note the hi tech equipment. 

Each Chaim image is brush stroked for a little dimension

Background #1 cut

Background #2 cut
Assembling focal images

Almost finished cards, still need the Maxam Made stamp on the back!

These card will be here, www.maxammadestudio.com  in the next day or two, depending on the computer situation!!   They are sold in set of 5,
 5.5x5.5 cards for a great price!!

I enjoyed making these cards today, especially after taking Luke out for his walk. At the  end of that walk there was a man, probably in his 60's sitting in a pickup truck parked a few feet away from my car.  We made the usually doggie lover chit chat, but in the middle of the conversation, the man started to cry. Apologize for crying, and then cry some more.  You see, he had just put is dog of 16 years down a few weeks ago, but even sadder he lost his wife of 42 years 2 months ago.  I think he just needed to talk to someone, grief is such a lonely thing.  To remove from life the flowing currant of love, leaves a person so empty and isolated.   So he talked, a lot about her, what she liked and didn't and what a good wife and mother she had been.  How empty his life felt now and pointless.  So then I talked about the one ness of marriage and when one half departs the other half must heal, and when healing begins so will new purpose and meaning, a new rhythm to get in sync with. A new direction.  I told him I believe that our lives here last as long as our purpose, and that if we are alive, the plan hasn't been completed, good things are still ahead.
  L'Chaim, Life Celebrate it, it is a Treasure, Share it, Give it, Bless Others with it.  I hope to have Billy over here for dinner and shares our lives a little bit with him as he starts the new rhythms of the rest of his life.  

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Anne said…
I've ot a lump in my throat. What a divine meeting, you were so prepared and God used you. Our prayers will include Billy. You have so touched my heart.

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