Desk hop time again!  It starts here: http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ Julia Dunnits' Fun world wide desk hop!!
We live in Massachusetts, and we were very blessed to not have been hit by Sandy.  We were ready, but it missed us I am very thankful!!  I had everything ready in case we lost power, about the only thing I didn't do was dig a bomb cellar!!  Unfortunately While my Husband was on base for 36 hours, I spent almost as much time eating junk food.  I'm a little toxic from it today!  But I did make a card set  , so here is my project for WOYWW#178:
I had to cut paper to start with, 2 pile : A2 size and A6 size    (this is very exciting photography)
Score , This is a very nice 80Lb Neenah classic columns in solar white.
Pick out colors
Pick out layered background papers
Find the right punches for the squares.  I still like to use my punches!
All cut up and waiting for assembly
And 3 hours and two episodes of BBC "Grand" the finished cards 12set of 4 each.

I used a colorbox black pigment ink for the stamped Kanji images, I thought it really looks like India Ink.
Well there is my work desk for today!  Thanks for stopping by!!


Eliza said…
Love the card sets very clever. So glad you were not affected by Sandy, my heart has been in my mouth with worry about people over there. We are so far away from it all and the news isn't good. They only show us the bad stuff. At least you were prepared.

Eliza 40
Helen said…
That is some workload, well done! Great cards. Glad you are safe from Sandy... Helen 4
Francesca said…
My word you are methodical, to make that many cards all in one go. Do look pretty. glad you are ok. Have been watching the scenes on the tele this morning. Francesca #74
BJ said…
WOW so many cards made - what a production line you had going there. BJ#35
Maxam Made said…
Annie thank you for leaving me a note, I sure hope you feel better! and I agree it is better than reading magazines!!
Robin Spitzer said…
Beautiful colors you selected for your cards. Really enjoyed reading your steps to produce them. Happy Halloweenie!
Julia Dunnit said…
Very glad to read that Sandy passed you by, what meteorological luck. Love the cards, I agree about the ink. Still getting over that huge stack of card stock diluting itself to 12 packs of 4 finished cards...I know you counted and planned but really, one belies the other to me!
Maxam Made said…
Oh Boy! You are right about the cardstock, there is at least 600 peices between the both stacks!! When I cut, I try to cut a lot so I don't have to do it more than a copuple times a month!! I use a stack cutter, which weighs about 60 lbs, I have to move it from one table to another so I don't like to do it to often! Thanks for stopping by!
Hi Ginny,
I did not know you were a WOYWW-er :D .
I just found your blog through Anne on OSA, she sent me your blog address - and I have been WOYWW-ing almost as long as I have been blogging!!

I wish you had a "join your blog tab" as that is how I keep tabs on blogs, through Dashboard viewing..
Anyway shall sign up for emails.. thanks so much fr your big welcome to OSA .all of the welcomes quite blew me away - replied to as many as could manage but not sure if you were among that number I thanked.. sometimes it would co-operate sometimes when tried it would not.
WOW! I really love these Kanji cards and most all love the fact your stamps tel you what your kanji's mean as that is why I have steered clear of them a lot.. I have my name written in Chinese. I should put it on OSA as was done when my family were in China cos I was a calligrapher.. the fellow had so much trouble getting his head around my un-Chinese syllables so not sure how accurate it is..
here is the link:


thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #37
PS that comment was so Julia above, she is treasure! Shaz,xx
ah, Ginny, I have found it, der! just another wee scroll down!! some folk are slow learners you know! DONE!Shaz in oz.x
Morti said…
What lovely cards - but one stack of A2 and the other A6? I'm thinking maybe you have different sizing in the US..... What are they ultimately destined to end up as though? I mean, personal use, for sale, for gifts....?

Morti #49

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