Hurrican Sandy / Storms of Life

Well we're ready or so we think!  everything out side is put away  or tied down, Cars are filled with gas.  Steve has to report for duty at 12:00 tomorrow, with over night gear.  So here we used our check list to make sure we can weather the storm:
Bread Of life: never goes stale >Check
Living Water:  Never thirst again> Check
Light of this world: Never be in the dark again> Check
Yep we're ready take care everyone and hopefully there will be no power outs here or where you are!  God Bless,
Ginny and Steve


Good luck to all of you dear Ginny!
Stay safe and warm!!!
Just hope it ends up not as bad as they're predicting!!

This is the time we come together and put are differences aside and help each other out!
God Bless The USA!

Best wishes and prayers from me and my family!

I am so busy at school! No time for anything!
I need a vacation!

I am thinking of you! Take care please!
Anne said…
I don't know where you live but I shall lift you guys up in prayer. Love this post as you are so right. We must put our trust and hope in God.

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