How is everyone doing this busy holiday season?  Mine really won't start until tomorrow, then the decorations come out,, and the Jolly begins!  We don't go crazy this time of the year, because we are pentecostal we spend all year long celebrating the Saviour, and don't get real involved with the commercialism of the times.  We do have lots of fun, but I never mind putting the tree away!

On Monday I went through my made card file, and discovered a lot of cards I really don't like and hadn't sent out.  either they just didn't say mail me I'm going to make someone smile or they were having construction issues. 
on one batch I discovered all the dimensional foamies dried up and with very little effort the item fell off the card!  Booo! some the paper had gotten wavy? other just were BLAH!   I've been back to stamping  for about two years and started doing a lot of mailings a year and a half ago.  So a current project right now is rebuilding/ remaking/trashing old cards.  Here is one before and after:

Before  Bad color choice of paper, DULL!!  this bow is huge!  over all pretty boring in an A7 Size.

No wonder I hadn't mailed it!  here is the after:

This went out in the mail as a birthday card.   Unfortunately I redid  did about 20 different cards and didn't take pictures.  But In the same line, I am making cards with Leftovers in the next few days, so I will photo those and post them!
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Amy V. said…
I love reworking cards and card elements to give them a second chance. What a beautiful card you made with this re-do. Lovely!

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