WOYWW #184!

It is Work Desk Wednesday in Australia and that is Where the The Blog hop Queen resides and hosts this bit of fun!  Julia Rains from here http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ Stop of and see what  fun the Court is up to!

Busy week here STILL TRYING TO GET CHRISTMAS CARDS DONE ( I am yelling at myself if you were wondering)

Last few days I have been busy selling stuff related to MaxamMade on Ebay.  With all of the sales I like to include and extra and a personal thank you card with my MMS business card.  So that is what is on my desk tonight, a batch of thank yous.
Little ATC images I like
A little inked up
Liners and bases, these white bases are my 100# bright white and they are so nice and heavy they give the card a great quality feeling, this is my favorite weight for the card bases!   New Craft mat here, I paid 7.99 for it at Aldies grocery store, is is an oven liner!  Works great as a craft mat too!
All done!  aren't they cute?  I use my ATG gun and adhere a business card on the inside with my thank you!
Have a great week , Stay calm and remember the reason for the season!  The Gift of the Saviour!


Eliza said…
You have been really busy happy belated WOYWW

Eliza 12

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