Brain Cells


My husband is in my stamp room with me, reading a readers digest.  He works long hours and right now he is enjoying relaxing and reading and hopefully making me another cup of coffee, I told him that was very relaxing to do too.  So while he is reading I am working on my yahoo group, writing correspondence and blogging and having a yahoo chat conversation.  Steve says Hun, as you age you loose 30,000 cells a day.  Do you think that was a hint?  So I said, who are you? 

 Earlier today I went to sit in a surgery waiting room with an old friend while his wife was in the OR.  I got magnificently lost in the hospital which is a huge complex spanning blocks oin Springfield MA.  I di much better with parking.  I have a less often diagnosed disease  called Parkinheimers.  I forget where I park my car.   Now I have a a management tool for this problem.  I park in the last spot in the lot.  In this case I was in the wrong lot and I parked on the roof in the last spot.  So I was really a long way from where I was supposed to be, but I got there and got some walking in too!  It was a beautiful day here, warm with the snow melting.  I have a new walking trail to go on with luke, it is 3 miles and very nice,

In the mail today I received this Beautiful Christmas card from Vica, all the way from Ashdod Israel!!  It is so perfect ! 
Blogger has changed it's photo handling system and didn't allow me to rotate this! :(  but you can see how perfect and lovely this card is!

I made these yesterday for My Friend Betty:  a set of 6.

I made these for myself, they didn't photograph well, the g's and bling are all in olive green.

Okay I just decided I don't like the g's on the right, I used a olive card stock and it looked really Blek.  So I peeled off the g's and put these on instead:

Much better!! 

I received this card today, from my friend Miyuki in California!  Isn't it cute.  This is the card I made for her ( they crossed in the mail!)  the snow men on the right,  I thought Miyuki would like this, obviously there are no snow men in southern CA as there are no Pink Flamingos in MA!! The card on the left is one of about 10 that I made for get wells and birthdays, I just love the rich colors!

I wanted to get all this in tonight, since I'm loosing 30,000 brain cells a day now I better not put things off till tomorrow, I might forget!! Hopefully I won't get lost in the woods too!
Thanks for stopping  by!  Have a great day!


Amy V. said…
Funny post and beautiful cards! I get lost in parking lots, too, but never knew there was a name for the condition! LOL
hi Ginny!

Nice to see your posts again! Thank you for your e mail today!

I got lost with so much paperwork for school .Sometimes I wish I had a secretary...LOL!...wish you a peaceful day!

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