Orange you glad

Last Sunday My Friend Betty asked me to make her a set of thank you cards.   Funny thing was the only MOJO I had a the moment was This:
But Since I was asked I thought the least I could do was try so I made a set of these:
Betty has just redone her living room in these colors so I thought she would get a kick out of the cards.  She did  like them and when I gave them to her she asked me how much she owed me for them.  Well I wasn't going to take cash, Normally with my Friend Betty I will work for food, she is the best pie maker  in Massachusetts!  But since I'm trying to loose weight I had to rethink that .  I asked her for a bottle of her orange salad dressing, it is so good!  We swap home made salad dressing on a regular basis and I was having a craving for this particular one.  Now My husband thought I was being selfish, He like s the pies too!  I did get two bottles of dressing for the cards, What a deal!!
Yesterday I made a great dinner Salad, I thought I'd share it with you all, easy, fast and very delicious!
Firstly I sauted' 5 chicken thighs in coconut oil
Drained off the unused oil and then tossed the salad:
I used quite a lot of baby spinach, I sliced 3 carrots at 1mm in my Cuisinart.  Tossed in the processor about 10 almonds, small handful of cranberries, chunked up some goat guida cheese  and then tossed with Betty's orange vinaigrette dressing.
The finished dinner salad :
We added a few croutons  and had a wonderful filling meal that was low in calories and high in nutrients.  The paper thin carrots were especially delicious with the dressing. 
This meal served three, the cost would be about 4.50 for the dinner.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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