WOYWW #191 Valentines

It is WOYWW #191 already!  The weekly world Wide Desk hop, hosted by Julia here at : http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/  I checked her blog and oh the wonderful sunshine and green there in Beautiful Oz!!
My work desk work was inspired by this lovely little Valentine I made at a shoe box swap several weeks ago
Isn't this cute! When I first made this I thought well this is a nice card but who will I give it too? 
   So I thought I would  give it to one of the girls at church, well then I thought I'd like to make them all one, we have a about 15 little  and medium girls, they would all love a valentine! This the a2 size and was a lot of fun  making this clean and simple card!
Then I thought about all of the wonderful women in my life and how wonderful and rich they have made my life, I need to make them a valentine too!  So now I have two batches of valentines going, I'll have somewhere around 60 to send out.
Of course my sweet husband's valentine will be the best !
So here is the start for the adult valentines (nothing bu the white card stock cut for the kids so far)
bases cut, first layer cut and ready to be dry embossed (that would be the pearl red paper)
Luke thinks the only valentine I should make is his and that I should make it on his favorite dog cookie,
He is actually doing his normal pouty routine when he wants to go to bed and I don't (he likes the pack altogether, he is a pain, we go through this every night!
my focal stamp
Searching for the perfect font in my index book - a very helpful tool!
Luke saying thank you for stopping by, time for us to go to bed!
Have a great week, I will post this cards in progress!
Ginny M


Queenie Jeannie said…
What an awesome card!! I think I will have to case this little beauty! Love that your dog wants you to QUIT and come to bed. Sounds like my husband, lol!

Happy Crafting!
Jeannie #12
Lucy said…
The Valentine's card is stunning. Bless you for thinking of the young girls at Church, a lovely way to make them all feel special. Luke is adorable. There is a dog in our extended family who pulls the same face and exacts the same way when it is time for bed! Have a great week - Lucy #23 x
Ria Gall said…
What a pretty card and what a lovely thought wanting to give valentines cards to all those people that mean so much to you, amazing
Ria #44
Carol Yates said…
How kind of you, and your card is so lovely.
Carol.x #56
butlersabroad said…
I have to comment first on Luke! What a character, I love him! Love the card too and all those wonderful pens and pencils in the white pots. Great desk this week. Oh, Julia is in the UK, not Australia!

Brenda 91

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