Ribbon envy and WOYWW #199

Happy WOYWW#199!  The world wide blog hop Starts here: http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ On Weds our time around 2am. 
Julia does a wonderful job of hosting this work desk fun!
 I start the post early so I can get it linked before it ends over in OZ!! 
What started an innocent pin from pintrest turned in to a little bit of  coveting (I know I am the only person that goes to pintrest and says I want that!!!) and then into a great idea!!  Now I am thinking this is a shop photo and not part of a private collection, but no matter I wanted it for my own card making!!!!
Okay now you want it too, I know it, even if you can't say it!!
I could just see all the beautiful cards I could make and sell, if I only had all this ribbon and maybe even a little more! That is what happens when you start to covet, you never have enough!
So I had this flash of insight
Use what I already have!  What I have is yards and yards of beautiful premium quilting fabric that I am not quilting with right now!
And a rotary Cutter
And a Kurieg cup holder!
This is what I ended up with
and this is what is on my Work Desk!
 turn again
I used a scalloped rotary cutter and  "fat quarters" to make these ribbons
I cut them 3/4 -1/2" wide
For this batch I used some of my batik fabrics, for my kids cards I will make ribbons from kids fabrics, or use fabric that will suit a particular motif that batik does not work with well.
Here is a card I used the ribbon with:
Oops I know the sentiment is crooked, but you get the idea!!
This is the note that made my day:
I always try to leave what I make out on my desk so that my husband Steve can take a peek at what I've been doing, before he leaves at 6 am for work.
These cards will be in the card  shop in a couple of days, I have to finish the batch.
Because I used a "pinking" edge cutter the fabric won't fray.   48 fat quarters fit on the Kureig cup holder, and that sits on top of my wood "Word" stamp box, out of the way.
Thanks for stopping buy and enjoy the rest of the blog hop!
Ginny M


Hi there Ginny ah what an incredibly clever idea I just love it .. thanks so very much for sharing it - and wow that card is truly beautiful too great work!
Happy Sunny WOYWW of 28c, sending it to you from downunder, love Shaz in oz.x (numberless and not published or written, as yet)
Shelly Schmidt said…
Oh, You'll have to send in a Thursday Tip- great idea! I love the card you made too. How sweet that your hubby leaves you sweet notes. Generally, my husband does not notice my cards unless I say something- even if I put them on the table right next to where he is working....!
Maxam Made said…
I just wrote it down in my book to make that my thursday tip, then I saw your comment! great minds think alike!! Thanks!!
Liz Black said…
What a fab idea! It looks so pretty too! I love Pinterest, it's so inspiring but also very addictive lol. I'm in awe of your perfect lines with the rotary cutter, I have one and can't seem to get the hang of it ... more practice required I suspect. Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz @ 69
Very very pretty card and your OH is such a sweetie to leave you a little message! Ribbon storage is the bane of my life and this is certainly a novel idea - I was actually watching someone making ribbon with a rotary cutter yesterday on TV so I actually knew what you wre talking about! Have a great Weds and Happy Easter, Cindy #91
Heather Alger said…
Totally Gorgeous idea with all your ribbons, colours and choice.
Looks AMAZING x love your card and what a Fabulous shop too :0)
Happy WOYWW heather #86
Glenda said…
Well now you have started me to thinking which can be dangerous in itself. You have made me want to purchase fat quarters and do some of my own. How did I miss this on Pintrest? Must have been an off day for me. LOL...
Glenda #66
Ria Gall said…
get you talk about making a dream/want/need into reality. Your right I looked at that picture of ribbons and I wanted/need it soooo much. I love what you have done with all your fabric to make your own ribbons, fabby idea
Have a really great WOYWW day, and Happy Easter to you and yours
Ria #94
MiniOwner said…
Oh yes I am addicrted to Pinterest and the 'I'm going to make one of those' ideas it gives me ... well done for actually doing something, your ribbons and storasge look great. Happy Wednesday. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner@29)
Maxam Made said…
Hi Liz, using a ruler is key, just glide the cutting blade against the ruler and you will have a perfect straight line. Just be careful not to glide it along the edge of your finger! Thanks for stopping by!
Regina Hamilton said…
That's a wonderful idea for storing your ribbon. I have one of those Keurig k-cup holders stored away in a cabinet. I guess I need to pull it out and bring my ribbon out in the open....#98
~Sue C said…
The Pinterest picture is really cool but your desk is where I want to play! LOL! Love the fabric strips you cut and have so creatively displayed.
Jaki Morris said…
Wow! It's like an explosion in a ribbon factory! Love the fabric ribbon. Unlike you I have loads of ribbon but not so much fabric so I wouldn't dream of cutting up my precious fabric stash!

Great post

Jakix #129
Belinda Basson said…
How clever of you to make your own ribbon! Yes I too get ideas from Pintrest that spark my own creativity. That is why I love it! Well done to you.
Pallavi said…
I like your ribbon tree :) Happy woyww!
Lori said…
Great idea Ginny! I will have to give that a whirl. I Love your card to! Hugs Lori (OSA Friend) :)
Lindsay Weirich said…
I was wondering why they did not fray, now I know! I think your ribbon are much nicer than the ones in the top photo. I'm sure they will sell well. PS hubby is so cute to leave a note;)
Crsytal Komara said…
So talented, Ginny! What a great and inventive idea. Thanks for sharing with us!

Hi Ginny
I'm new to WOYWW and am slow at getting around to visit but I am enjoying looking in on others creative spaces like yours :o) great ribbon holder you have made. Your card is beautiful too
Annette In Oz #132
Tamika said…
Wow now that's a lot of ribbon!

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