WOYWW#197 it's 2:30 am

It is WOYWW#197!  Go Here to Julia's blog to join the rest of the world wide blog! http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ 
I am Posting my blog at 2:30 am EST , Why? I don't know I keep asking my self why I'm up making kiddie cards at 2:30 am - Even Hallmark which is 15 miles away is closed!! My Dog is up because I am up, the cat is sitting on something in here I will be working on next, and I am typing. No wait I am keyboarding, Typing is something I failed at about 30 years ago.

I have a big order to produce which requires a start up for a local store, I need to have about 150 cards for all occasions ready for next week, and then a couple dozen for another local shop also next week.  This is good!

Tonight I started making a batch of baby cards, first welcome and then birthday.  I've got the birthday done, and all the parts of the welcome baby cards they need to be assembled.

So that is what is on my work desk, baby cards!

First the card bases in baby colors, I'll explain the giraffe cards in a minute....

Die cut flowers with the ebosser machine.  I love this machine, it is an electronic embossing and die cutting machine, large 9x13 platform and can take any die or embossing system.  It sells for under 200.00 , I've had it since September and use it every day, no learning curve and no problems! I started embossing with a pasta machine, up graded to a wizard, then to a grand caliber.  I have hand issues so with all the cards I make, all that cranking was crippling.  I love the ease of the electronics!  I do have a wizard tucked on a shelf for workshops here and on the go.  I'm not going to be toting the big ebosser around with me!

Die cut banners on the eCraft, the eCraft is great for cutting labels and tags but for more intricate work, not so good.  I've had my machine for 2+ years with a few problems that the company took care of, no hassle.  I would love to cut paper lace, but with this machine it won't happen.  It has however cranked out thousands of labels and non detailed cuttings.

First round of baby cards, when I am done with this group there will be about 40

I made a dozen of these because I really am not a fan of pastels and after doing 75 pastel bases, I had to do something in colors I liked!
Thanks for stoping by and I hope you have a great day!!
Ginny M


okienurse said…
great looking cards and I am not much of a pastels fan either. The giraffe card is really cute and def gets you away from it. Good luck with your card business! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Vickie #1
Helen said…
Oh, wow, that is a beautiful batch of cards - pastels are great (sometimes!) love your way of relaxing from them, great giraffe. Have a good week, Helen 11
Heather Alger said…
Well done on your order, they are looking Great x
Happy WOYWW Heather #46
Scrapcat 1 said…
Love all the cards you have made but the cute giraffe is my favourite, I love the sparrow cards from the post below too! Tracy #67
Ria Gall said…
no wonder you are not sleeping with all those cards to be made. I am awake more than I am asleep at night so if you need some help with the night shift I'm your woman. Great cards and I get what you say about getting feed up with doing too much of one thing
Ria 60
Lisa-Jane said…
I love the giraffes! Is it a stamp? They'd make great masculine cards which are oh so hard as we all know. Good luck with so many cards! #55
~Sue C said…
Beautiful cards!
Laura said…
Love the giraffes!! So fun.
Annie said…
Wow Ginny..how busy are you :-) love those baby cards but like you I love the Giraffe. Hope you are enjoying WOYWW

Best wishes

Annie x
Hullo there Ginny,
Well, lovely work going on here, all those baby cards quite wearying indeed love that giraffe image - superb you do have the eye for great images..
Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #15
Kelly said…
Jimminy! I thought I was busy LOL I feel better now.. Thanks! hehe Love that Zen- giraffe. Not all baby cards need to be pastels. Neutral-toned zoo animals have been big here for a couple years. Congrats on the store sales. Creative Blessings Kelly #124
Maxam Made said…
Hi Kelly!
Normally I don't do pastels at all, but I had a "nursery stack" for boys and girls so I thought, these are pretty,I'll use these for the bases. Well I won't be doing that again! I do normally use neutrals and they sell well. I have some great zoo and baby stamps, the pastels gace me a headache for two days, either that or I had the headache and I am blaming it on the pastels! I won't ever do a big bacth like that again!! Lesson learned Thanks for sharing!!

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