A thought about legacy

 I've been making my new "Thursday" Cards to put up in my card shop and a card making post.  The post is almost done but not quite and I am looking high and low for one of my new cards and it seems to have vanished.  While I was doing this I noticed I was feeling more rushed and stressed by the minute.  It was then I decided that the post can wait till the morning.
There are things more important than cards.
My last post was about my Mother-in-law Nancy Maxam passing from this life to life eternal.  This post is about Legacy, hers, mine and yours.  At Nancy's wake, over 400 people showed up, the town population is only around 2400! Nancy was a mom and grand mother not only to her brood but to about half the town and I don't think she even knew it! She wasn't a politician or a town dignitary, she was a CNA that worked 3rd shift at the nursing home for 37 years.  She wasn't on any boards, committee or consuls.  She did however, plan, direct, correct, guide, lead and provide for her family and hundreds of others during the course of her adult life.                                                         
She Loved. 
When I walked into St Mary's Church where her funeral service was held, I thought of the young woman at 20, a new bride walking out with her new husband, and into their now  married life.  I thought of the young mother bringing each of her four baby sons into the church to be baptized, to first Communions, to their marriages and their children's baptisms and first Communions.
I thought of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sports games she cheered for , the school plays and recitals she never missed for her multi-generational brood. 
I am pretty convinced she had no idea on that day in June of 1961 what her life as a small town girl  would become and the legacy she would leave.
But do any of us ever know? Do we know the love in our hearts that grows and then multiplies over and over again, how it blesses, strengthens  and encourages?  I don't think we do.
I felt encouraged this weekend to love more, to listen more, to help more. I want to be a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, a better friend. There are so many rich things in life we can share with the people we love.  The Bible says "of these three, Faith , Hope and Love, the greatest is love."  I can have faith for you, but it doesn't help you.  I can have hope for you , and still it will not bless you.  But If I love you especially if you aren't lovable, it can change your world.  Not because of me, but because of Love, the greatest of all things, in this world and in the world of the eternal.
Thank you Nancy (Mom), it was a joy to be a part of your life.  Thank you for raising Steve to be the best husband a woman could ask for.
Rest in peace until we meet again.
Ginny M

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patti said…
Only one word "PERFECT"
Anonymous said…
These are things successful families do to ensure the extension of that family, to pass on good values, and touch others in the same way.

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