More is More

I know the saying is "More is Less" and that  can be true, but that was never said by a crafter! Today, or I should say yesterday was a quiet restful day for Steve and I .  Steve had drill this weekend , and after last weeks sad events, we were both exhausted.  Not the worn out kind of exhausted, but the kind that is remedied by a good night sleep and a day of peace and relaxation.  Relaxation for us today was  lunch out, a trip to the craft store,  yard work and card work. 
 I Only bought a few things and each stamp I purchased (4) Steve picked out!
While we were walking through the mall Steve asked me if I wanted to stop at the Hallmark store, I looked at him kinda funny ; he said "for Ideas"! 
I have so many ideas I close my eyes and see card parts!
My new favorite tool has to be these snips, which I bought today.
These are the "Non-Stick"  kind and since I cut miles of double sided tape every day, I thought it would be a good idea, My snips are so regularly coated with adhesives from the tape I rarely have one that isn't gooped up.  Now all my other scissors are cleaned and sharpened and no more goop!
I wanted to challenge myself a little bit and work with colors I don't normally use .  So I purchased this 6x6 pad from Hobby Lobby, if was 50% off so I thought this wouldn't be a big risk as far as $$ goes.  The colors and prints are not something I gravitate towards, but since I am making cards for sale I really need to push myself to try things that other people will like..  I thought I'd just use this whole pad this afternoon and knock out dozens of cards. In the real world I made  12 cards using 10 sheets of the paper.
Why did I think that I'd use the whole pad? I'm not really sure, must have something to do with the half a pot of coffee I drank this afternoon before I started!  But here are the cards I did make:
Two of these, part of the beauty of this card is the paper and weight, it looks better in person and feels really nice in your hand!
Two of these
My favorite of the cards made!
And a batch of sympathy cards
My favorite cards today were the scripture cards.  When I make these I am blessed because I am using the "Word"  not just a lovely sentiment, but  the Living Word Of God and that word heals , delivers, gives hope, encourages and brings peace.  In the Things of God, more is also more.  There is so much abundance of the love of God, is just can't be depleted!  If you could use a little peace or hope in your life, I encourage you to find a bible, open the gospel of St. John and begin to read it asking The Lord to make himself know to you.  You will discover your best friend, your redeemer and your creator. It says 'In Him was light and that light was the life of men' He wants to dispel every darkness in your life and bring you into His Marvelous Love! 
Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!
Ginny M


Love how you stamped the bfly on the prints!! gorgeous mS Ginny!!!

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