What A week and WOYWW# 202


Yep, this weekend our basement flooded!  Our water filtration canister burst, and within an hour we had 2+ feet of water! 
Because of that, and the ensuing clean up, I haven't had to much on my work desk this week!
I am very happy to report my stampy stuff was not in the basement!  I did have some scrapbooking things and quilty things down there for storage, fortunately that can all be replaced!

I grabbed my button box before it sank, for some reason I had one of those shipping air pillows in the bottom of it!  I poured the buttons after the were washed and dried in to this vintage orange juice pitcher, which I have been storing flowers in!!  I don't buy flowers like Primas, they are lovely but I find I have great luck using dismantled silk flowers from stems.  They are affordable and look great sitting on my counter work desk.  I try to only use very thin buttons and I mix them up with paper buttons to keep things mailable!  Looking at this pitcher of buttons is so cheery, especially in the when the morning  sun is shinning throught them!
Starting a set of birthday cards

Looking for the right butterfly!

Just a brief stop here today!  For much more exciting looks at desks around the world, go here: http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ to Julia Dunnit's bloggy heaven! Thanks for stopping by and
Have a great day!
Ginny M



Ginny, I had to chuckle at the pink slippers saying that - oh and they had to be fluffy and pink slippers - do people really wear thse sort I wonder or only in comics??

am still commiserating over the flooding truly not a joy cleaning up after such an event!!

- have fun choosing stamps and creating!

God bless for more stability and esp for Steve next Mon 22nd too ,

Shaz in oz.x #81 I think.
Helen said…
Hi Ginny - sorry to hear about the flood. I am glad not too much damage was done. I thought the flowers in the vase where real! Cool idea to dismantle them for craft use. Happy WOYWW to you Helen 92
~Sue C said…
LOVE the flower vase with the buttons! Happy Wednesday! SueC#97
Ria Gall said…
oh you poor thing no one wants a flood as the water can cause so much damage, I am glad you managed to save some things
Love all your butterfly stamps
Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
Ria #40
JoelMcBride said…
I really like the butterfly stamps and work you have throughout your blog. I'm a bit of a butterfly nut myself and am always looking for new stamps. I would love to know some of the stamp manufactures that you use for some of your favorite butterfly stamps.

Joel (aka Barf Snoodlefart) #121
Claire said…
so sorry for the flooding - water can do so much damage!! wonderful desk shots, and i love your buttons and flowers combo! and i just LOVE butterflies :)
happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
i overslept, so no. 21 this week!
Kaylan said…
so sorry to hear about your hassles this week! happy wednesday! #119
BJ said…
Gosh - can't believe all the pens and pencils you have let alone all those butterfly stamps! sorry to hear of the flood, hope you get it all sorted quickly - thanks for visiting me already today BJ#1
Karen Ives said…
Oh dear! Love the pretty pencil pots.
Karen #61
Liz Black said…
What a great collection of butterflies! Hope you managed to dry out ok and didn't lose too much? Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz@73
Neet said…
Sorry to hear about your flood. I would have been in a terrible state, especially if it affected my craft things. Love the button container, what a brilliant idea - and I must say your pots of pencils look great.
Thanks for visiting me earlier - Hugs, Neet xx 5
Nikki said…
So Sorry about your flood is it wrong to say I've always wanted an indoor pool? Glad your crafty stuff is above the flood zone I'd loose everything I own if we had two feet of water Hope it dries out well hugs Nikki 6
Maxam Made said…
Hi Joel, Thank you for your kind words! Believe it or not, some of my favorite butterfly stamps came from stampin' up! They made a set a decade ago that was just stunning!, Inkadinkado also so made several large butter flys in the 1990's, +2000's Time Holtz, makes several great sets! Another good option is making your own Digi's from public domain art work! you can google butterfly drawings, save the image, enhance the contrast and lighten up the over all image, you will end up with a little practice beautiful images! Good Luck!
Ginny M
Maxam Made said…
Nikki too funny! When we were bailing out I told my husband to keep an eye out for the flippers and snorkel!!
Ginny M
Meihsia Liu said…
Hi, Ginny, I love how you organized your buttons and pencils. They look awesome! Sorry about the flood.
Jackie said…
The flood must have been so heartbreaking I'm pleased you will be able to replace some of the scrapbooking stuff
Love your button varse and butterfly stamps
What a lot of colouring iteams you have
Jackie 13
Maxam Made said…
Hi Jackie, thank you for your kind words! It wasn't haeart breaking, it was just wet and soggy! Eleven years ago we had our house burn down two months after we were married and no insurance! Now that was difficult, with three kids! But we got through that too and were better in the after than the before!
Peggy said…
oh wow a flood so sorry.... great way to upcycle those buttons while waiting to add to your creations. have a great day
Nan G said…
Wow look at all the butterflies! Your buttons look so pretty in the pitcher by the window. Great cartoon! Finally getting do my woyww snooping. WOYWWer #3. Nan G

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