Reverse camera

I'm getting ready to hit the road for the day, but I wanted to put up my new cards for the card shop and write a word or two for the blog.  I also wanted a really great picture to post, so I thought well I'll photo my colored pencils because that is what I want to play with and blog about when I get home - my new watercolor pencils and my old prisma colors. 
 I was distracted from that when I hit the reverse camera button on my camera/phone.  Ugh!!  My new Nexus Android does this all the time, instead of sliding over to up load the photo, it slides over to reverse the camera to reveal not the picture but me!  Of course it is always with a mouth open , doublechin (did I even say that) up the nose angle!!  Honestly I am one of those people that don't care to have my picture taken and when this happens it is always the same response - a grunt!!  This morning it made me think, we are such complex beings, so much of us is revealed in the image of our faces portray, even so, much can remain hidden.  
While The beauty of my face primed out a couple of decades ago, the beauty of my life becomes more radiant ( in all of our cases I  hope ) we become as we age more who we are and more who we want to be. I think this is true in all of our lives, this revealing. Because I am a Christian I live to please God, simply and joyfully.  I am far from perfect and if you would like to know my flaws, I will tell you about them, because I am full of them.  When you live to please god, you become free from these flaws one step at a time,  this is what the love of God does for us.  He frees us from sin and disgrace, so that we can be who he designed us to be, free and  filled with his Love and Grace!

Here are the pencils:

Here is truth;
Ac 17:28  For in him we live, and move, and have our being.

Here is not the reverse shot:

I'm not to fond of those shots!!

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by! I have new cards up today, check the what is new page!
Ginny M


ah so true the LORD indeed it our Light and Life, without Him we can do nothing.. that matters :D day by day He walks and keeps us!!
great post Ginny, thank you love Shaz in oz.x

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