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I have begun using digitals more in the last year.  For a number of reasons:
 1)I am tired of the same ole rubber stamps,
2)  I am tired of spending at least $10.00 for one stamp and it's restrictiveness of one size. 3) Storing an ever mounting collection is a problem as well as trying to remember what I have! 4) Lack of images I like, I don't like cute, I like Botanical, Asian, Fine Art, Bold Designs. 5) I am not a great colorer. 

Today I am going to show you the promised images from Nicecrane designs that I mentioned the other day and gave you a sneak peak.  These images are a little different for me, but they helped me work up a batch of 2 dozen cards in a few hours.   This set is called Elegant Ladies II  I really enjoyed working with them.

Before I show you I want you to remember you don't need a fancy printer to do digital prints well, Remember I found my printer on the side of the road one night??   Every printer works a little differently and you have to spend a little time to get to know how yours works and how your papers work with it.  I don't buy special papers for the printer, I do buy good paper for all my card making endeavors.  

Here are my cards!

The best way for me to work is to look at things from  a color prosective, I start pulling colors to work with my image.    If pulling things together as far as composition seems a little daunting, use a sketch!  Use what ever tools make you happy and successful, there is no right or wrong, these are cards we're making not world peace agreements!!
Here's my work area, I took one of my printed ladies and just starting building the card.
I used a thin spellbinders die for the initial cut and damaged the paper of the image, So on the next one I put a sheet of wax paper between the die and the paper - perfect cut!
two images, the one on the right was the damaged image, I just carefully cut the damage off and you really wouldn't know!

Because I am backing to using glue on my cards (and saving a ton of money with better results than ATG tape especially with dry embossed elements.) I am also using my homemade press when making a batch of cards.  You could always put a few cards  under a book  - I'm not sure if they even need it after the waxed paper burnishing but I will use the press if I know I may have put the glue on a little heavy.  Here I used two of my cuttlebug plates to support the oversized card pressing.  Worked great!  The stayed in the press about 10 minutes.

These designs like most high
quality digitals can be worked in any size you'd like them to be.  The cards are  5x7's so these focal images are quite large.  Aren't they beautiful!!  There is now way on this green earth I could ever color anything like this!
I also made a book mark as a little gift to send in the card!  I love pretty book marks and my friends read a lot too so I know when one of them gets this card they will be delighted!!
This idea of making a matching book mark is something new I am doing, all because a friend from Australia sent me one and I just thought it was so great!!
I am all for using what you have on hand, here I took the wire out of the wire ribbon and used it to secure a  bow type ornament for the card. 
You can see the dramatic changes in the sizes for these images, I can make the image the size I want it to be!!
These cards were really a lot of fun to just make as I go. No Stress!
Here is the preview sheet to the Vintage Elegant Ladies set:
Next post I am going to talk about working with black and white digital images and their flexibility.
Here's a preview:
In the mean time, you are welcome to copy this beautiful Monet Image of mine and play with it over the weekend!!  Please note there is no snow in this "Madame Monet" picture!!
Enjoy and have a great weekend!
Ginny M


Ginny - thanks for the Monet to play with. I will try to get to it in a day or two. Thank you for showing us your cards, I love them they are just beautiful.
Mary =
Davi said…
FABUlous Giny, I love the beautiful images and the die you cut them out with is so perfect with them, cant tell any damage :) You really make amazing cards!!
Jan Castle said…
These are gorgeous Ginny!!! NiceCrane here I come...again!!!
Thanks so much!
Oh Ginny how lovely are they?? Shaz in
Shelly Schmidt said…
Loving the Vintage ladies- and the pretty die cut ideas- what is the die shape behind the die? So pretty! Love the pre-colored images too- and your fun play on colors and layouts! Enabling....!
Absolutely amazing cards, Ginny,,,I love your stunnign die cuts and all over the way you used my Vintage Ladies, my friend,,,,,,waht creative you are,,,and sorry for the late comment-
Anne said…
Thank you for your explanations of digital stamps! I am new to these and the ones I have seen on the internet, all seem to be 'cute' and like you, I don't really do 'cute'! I've not known what to do with digital stamps I do! Beautiful cards my friend, bravo!
MaryH said…
Ginny, just followed Shaz in Oz' link for the Monet, and's YOU! Oh I do love those ladies, and what fantastic cards you've made with these delicious images. I do struggle with good color on digi-s, (Epson Stylus 514). Ignaccio suggested using printer paper, backing with a card. That did work. Epson doesn't like Cryogen or Neenah, will take Xpress. Got the pretty butterflies but want to try printing on a nice vellum to see how they work. You're a whiz at this stuff. TFS the Monet. I'll download it. Happy Mother's Day, good to see your work again, and Hugs.

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