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 The word of God, The Bible, The love letter written to bring us light and life - It is my passion and I believe part of the purpose of my life, to tell everyone about this Great Love.  I've been on this mission for about 35 years. Every day It gets richer. Now I send cards, hundreds telling people that Jesus loves them, and that I at least like them. That they are loved by God and important to me.
I also get to have a lot of fun along the way and feel blessed as I encourage other to know Him.
Karen Murray helps me do that, She is an extraordinary graphic artist that specializes in 'WordArt'
I discovered Karen not to long ago and not only am I blessed by her work, but by her friendship too.
She has a wonderful inspiring  'Paper craftmemories' blog where she gives the word freely  and Etsy store to help keep the lights on!  I am privileged to make sample for her. I LOVE doing this!
I just finished her newest set which is now on Etsy and wanted to show them here on my blog:
You may notice how beautifully these cards are photographed, Karen did that too!!
Karen also designs for the Word Art Wednesday Challenge Blog, check it out they offer free digitals every week and an opportunity to win a great prize!
I hope you enjoyed the cards and can check out Karen's Blog and Etsy shop!
I also want to thank you for your kind comments, it really helps me stay motivated to blog!!
Have a wonderful day!
and I like you too!! 
Ginny M


Jan Castle said…
Delightful selection of cards Ginny! The sentiments are priceless!!!
Shelly Schmidt said…
Wonderful that you spread 'His' word, and you are SOOooooo talented! Bless you and your wonderful friend!

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