It is Monday and we are not shoveling!

We were told it could be up to 3 feet, we got an inch!  HooRay! 
It was a very busy weekend , I taught a women's group on Saturday and Sundays are always busy. 
 I did do a little crafting last night.  I have 15 teen girls that I am active in their lives and I wanted to send them valentines.  I think most girls start to think about their futures by the time they are 13 and I wanted to send them a message about love.  This was a great time to do it. The cards were simple and the messages were individual.  But they all said the same thing, The Lord Loves you with an everlasting love (from Jeremaiah) and that I was praying for the future of their lives  and loves.  They are in the mail and I can't wait till they get them!!
And the greatest of these things is Love, It never Fails!
On one of my posts last week I mentioned that I had chopped down my 12x12 pads into 6x6 pads to make storage and card making easier.  I did a couple more pads Saturday morning and took a few pictures:
First of all I cut the stack in quarters, .
I then makes tamp each 6x6 so that the edge I am gluing or "padding" is even.  once it is I put two bulldog clips on the edges.  I then apply rubber cement on that edge and then place a bulldog clip on the top
I let it set up for a few hours and when the clips come off I have a nice clean edge.

The glue holds it together cleanly.
They are then stored like this. These are so much easier to use this way and much les waste.  I don't make cards any bigger than 5x7  and I don't scrapbook. I got the idea from purchasing the commercial 6x6 pads but spending 5.99 on 24 sheets when I could spend 11.99 on 199 is a no brainer.
Thanks for stopping by  I hope you have a great day!
Ginny M


Jan Castle said…
Great idea...nice to see it in action Ginny!
Anne said…
Superb idea!My you are so organised!

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