Swap group template

I know many of you belong to card swap groups.  Many of the groups have entered the world of Facebook,  Yahoo initiating it's "NEO"  format insured just about everyone jumping the Yahoo ship in favor of facebook.  Regardless of the platform you still need to keep the swaps - outgoings and incoming  organized.  So today I am giving you my very simple template for organizing your swaps!

I have been using this for a few years and it keeps things organized for me.  I belong to only a small number of swap groups but I want to make sure I keep things on time!
I print these up on 5x7 cards and then bind them with my cinch machine with a pretty cover.
It is very simple and I know many of you will keep a spreadsheet in your computer and that is great, I just prefer ink and paper.

This is right click and save...

I also use a daily planner to keep me on track!
Thank you for stopping by!
Ginny M


Pamela Duncan said…
We can't get enough organization - great way to keep up too! Would love to know some of your favorite swap groups one day ~ Blessings~
Sis love the planner vover. Thanks for sharing. Shaz.xx
Jan Castle said…
Great idea Ginny!!!! TFS

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