Card a Day Calendar Challenge

I Enjoy using desk top day calendars, My favorite are Mary Engelbreit's' I get at least one every year! I also enjoy making cards from the pages, Mary's' artwork is just to wonderful to throw away!! Just in case you are wondering about the legality of that , you can read this from Mary Herself:

This all has to do with license and the huge market in this country for theft of license product.  I am making cards with Mary's product for personal use, I am not using her art work to resell that would require being  licensed and all that goes along with that.

With that out of the way, I challenged my face book group to make a card a day from one of their desk top calendars!  I also decided to make mine using scraps.  

Here is my First Day's card:

Nothing fancy, I'll let the Art speak for itself!

I'm going to keep these on a separate page in my blog if you would like to follow along, it will be on a page called Card A Day!
I hope you are enjoying what ever you enjoy on this holiday weekend!  Our Daughters 2 week leave is up and she is back on the road to her base to day, it was so good to have here here, next week Steve is leave and we will be enjoying exploring South West Texas!
Happy New Year and May God Bless you richly!


Love your card Ginny. Love that quote, and the way you have mounted the image is wonderful
A wonderfully clever card there, Ginny... I remember when you put the challenge to our FB group a few months ago now, so great to see you are still continuing it :D
Oh, I really love those images!!!
.. if we had them here I would get them too. wonderful card you've made, a really great cheering one.. receiving it would make anyone's day. I treasure mine from you.
So was your daughter with you on her leave?
I hope you caught up sometime, :D
sending hugs and prayers, Sis! Shaz.x

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}
Mm, dear Ginny, I just saw this is an old post which has weirdly just come into my email now, today.
... that is sooo weird, sis, so not sure what is going on!!

Funny I thought I knew about it when I read it, so guess your daughter hasn't just been on leave...
Blessings anyway.. love Shaz.x
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