What I've been doing..

I haven't posted in almost two weeks.  I have been busy Sorting; sorting out my craft room, my closets, my ministry,  my kitchen and my life.  We all come to crossroads in our lives and at those points things change.  Staying at the crossroad is also an option, but it is never a healthy one.

There are a few things in my life that are unchangeable, my love of God, my husband and my family my friends.  Everything else is subject to fire, flood, hormones and flat tires.  You all KNOW what I mean, We all take up the paddle in this boat from time to time.
 I am still making cards and doing DT work, I have downsized my collection and taken it off the high boil.  Why?  Because the season is changing.  I go through this every year, spring comes and I can't sit at my desk all day.  It is time for me to get out of my little apartment and start finding connections.
It is time for me to start having people here and making connections.  Hopefully my craft will be apart of that, but right now I don't have crafty friends  here in Texas.

What do you do when Spring starts to bloom in your life?

I overhaul everything.  I've been focusing on our health and gotten back to whole food cooking.  I've lost a dress size and have more to go but I am feeling and sleeping better.  I used to have a "whole foods" page here on my blog and I have gotten away from it. I brought it back today and as I try out new recipes I will add them.

Cooking is another passion of mine and a wonderful one to share.  Here In San Antonio, in my little section I would have to say there are close to 65 restaurants (I can walk to!) I googled and asked how many restaurants in San Antonio, anwser 4467.   Why am I telling you this, because it would be very easy to eat our way through the city and never take a pan off the shelf again!!   This would be very bad for our health and our wallet!  I want this time in our life to be healthy and vital and the best way I can help that happen is through my kitchen.  We really are what we eat!

When we lived in our house in MA I thought well there won't be a smaller kitchen when we move. Well I was pretty wrong, I went from a 9x13 galley style kitchen to a 8x10 galley kitchen.  The apartment literature boasted "gourmet kitchen"  I for the life of me haven't figured out where that might be in my apartment!  But I have turned a pretty lifeless kitchen into a micro gourmet kitchen and it works, some how, it works.
Back at the house I had a huge freezer, a whole room for food storage and a pantry that steve built in my mini kitchen.  Here I have an apartment sized fridge and a closet. A few cabinets and some counter space.  Good thing I haven't unpacked the china yet!

 These two cabinets are for spices and some foods.   Here I am trying to find a home for everything.  85% of my food is unprocessed.  I do buy organic canned tomatoes and tomato paste.

My grains for milling and grains ready to use go in this kitchen closet

Along with a large variety of dried beans
Pressure cookers are wonderful for dried ban cooking!
My next job may be opening my own bean truck!

I am milling my own rice to make four for asian noodles, once those boxed noodles are gone I hope I will have it down.  I discovered here in SA I love Thai food!!
I have dehydrated veg powders, Pumpkin, Spinach, Beet to make delicious Homemade pasta!

Spinach fettucini, so good with steam sauted veg and a drizzle of olive oil and fresh shaved parmesan!

My new Kitchen aid has been running full speed,

In an effort to keep us running full speed!

Things put away

My Gourmet MICRO kitchen!

Tonight the pot rack is being hung.
Thanks for stopping by and who knows what will be here tomorrow!

Ginny M


What an incredible 'mini' kitchen you have there Ginny - I have had small kitchens too, but my current one is a bit larger and well equipped with storage. I love your pasta, and good on you for going 'whole food'. We are living off the garden at the moment - it's bliss.
ah a born organiser let lose turns chaos into order, TFS Ginny,
hugs Shaz in oz.x
Unknown said…
Your Kitchen-Aid mixer is beautiful! And the pasta has recipes running through my head.
Crystal Komara said…
Hello there, my dear Ginny! So happy to have you back. Happy "spring" cleaning to you! Thanks for showing us your MICRO kitchen and all that you have been up to! I know how good your homemade spinach pasta is! Love and hugs, Crystal
Marilyn Mathis said…
Nice little kitchen that way you do not have to walk so far!! :) Like that Kitchen-Aid mixer. Maybe you will soon get it all together and back to giving us assignments, but don't hurry too much!! Hugs

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