Another project done

Anyone reading this post that is not a stamper or a paper crafter is probably going to think I am nuts.  Well I may be but that has nothing to do with stamping! There are two styles of stamps, mounted and unmounted.  both have their pros and cons.  I own, use and enjoy both styles.   But I stamp for pleasure and for work. and when I stamp for work I need to make sure my images are clear clean and perfect.  Unfortunately that can be hard to do when you are using a wood mounded stamp, especially if you are making a batch of 50.  The likelihood of  getting 50 straight images perfectly stamped, inked and lined up perfectly the first time is just about impossible.  There is a tool that I think is worth it's weight in gold for repetitive stamps, It is the Misti Tool ( I am not supported by the company - it is just a very good tool).  By using cling mount stamps and the Misti I can stamp card after card after card.

This also leaves me with a task of getting a whole lot of stamps off their blocks, indexed and cataloged.   I can't use these stamps if I don't know what I have or where they are

I have 5 trays of these

I've been putting this off for months

I brought the stamps and storage materials into the living room last night and started

It took 8 hours:

I've got my sentiments  cataloged.

The scriptures are all in another system nad thankfully done!

I still enjoy My wood stamps and find them inspiring.

A few years ago I unmounted about 2,000 wood stamps to save space and make them easier to use but I sure missed them on their beautiful printed blocks.  
I didn't do all of them - I haven't decided if that was a good or a bad thing!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Wow Ginny! That seems like a lot of work but you certainly know how to organize things well and the craft room by the way keeps looking prettier and prettier every day!!!
Lori said…
Wow Ginney, What a coincidence! I got my Misti a few weeks ago and un-mounted my first stamp yesterday. It was a large background stamp and took me quite sometime to get all of the old mounting foam off the back of the stamp. Now I only have about 20,000 to go (not exaggerating). I spent yesterday watching a bunch of videos on You Tube about this and everyone made it look so easy, but my stamps go back a long way and I am afraid the age may affect how easy it will be to remove from the blocks. I did want to let you know that you might keep thinking of another storage plan for the future. I have used this plan for a bunch of unmounted that I bought at conventions and I loved the pocket idea (still do), except the pocket pages get old and brittle and be very careful as the stamps do fall out if you accidentally turn them on the side, etc.

Any way, I did not mean to write a book here. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your project with us! Hugs Lori
Marilyn Mathis said…
I like wood mounted stamps but some of them are crooked on the wood and I have to use my Stamp-a-ma-jig. I am hoping to get a Misti soon. I probably will get the Mini Misti. Hugs
What a lot of stamps!! Well done on unmounting and filing all those stamps!!
Mm sis, that's really impressive, wouldn't mind a Misti but they're very expensive Downunder. Not to worry won't have to unmount my wooden one s then wil I? Don't even have 500 which si really good, forget what I have as it is. But would love to have them stored like that, Shaz in Oz.x

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