Yum, who doesn't like homemade bread?

Today I'm going to share a recipe and method  for my bread mixes.
I'm not sure if I have ever heard of someone that did not love homemade bread,  unfortunately time is always a factor in our modern world and getting that beautiful crusty loaf out of your oven some time before midnight can be a challenge.  I'm going to share a little system I have.  I have spent the last 10 years working on bread recipes and methods in an effort to get a good loaf of bread suitable for sandwiches and toast.  Some were great and some went straight to the trash can.  This is kind of a non nonsense approach and I am sure this isn't the most healthy loaf you can produce, but it is an A+ in the taste category.  After playing around with all kinds of flours this is my BASIC sandwich bread recipe.   This recipe is from  a Cuisinart cook book
I make the following substitutions: I use half unbleached white flour and half of my own grind.  My grind consists of Kamut, Barley, Oats, Chick pea, Cannellini Bean flours; pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. You can substitute whole wheat flour  or use white flour. 
 I have switched from a Great River unbleached white flour to King Arthur unbleached.  Why?  Well it tastes great, it is unbleached and not brominated and it is cheap.  I pay less than 4.00 per 5lb bag. The Great River flour had the same attributes but it King Arthur is $.79 cents a pound 
and Great river is $1.88.  
I am not trying to slam any brand, I am just relaying my findings.
I also add 4 tablespoons of good olive oil instead of 3 tbs of butter.

You can also add all kind of yummy things to this recipe, I make a veggie bread using dehydrated veggies; spinach and cheese bread and a sweeter bread with  cranberries.
It is all wonderful and it gives you the extra health benefit of having to spend more time on the tread mill.   Just remember, portion and self control and you will be all set!

Here is the fun part, I make this up in batches about a months worth at a time.  So all I have to do is add liquids to my bread machine and drop in a mix, A few hours later I have a wonderful crusty loaf of bread waiting.  I do this with pizza dough too!

I give this whole process about 2 hours of time (a month) , grind, measure and pack and label and clean up.





I have the instructions taped inside my cabinet, for each mix ( not going to even try to remember).

Bread Machine on stand by:


My grinds require That I use them within the month, so I make sure I date the containers.
I make 12 mixes a month and give a couple away along with a gift tag and the instructions.
Pizza dough I do about 4.  We don't have any gluten problems but we try to watch what we eat and balance these breads and pastas with lots of veggies, fruits and quality proteins.

I hope you find this helpful an I am glad you stopped by!
Ginny M


dmgarafalo said…
Ginny, your food always looks so yummy. I want to move in with you & have you feed me every day. (Steve won't mind will he?)
Miss you so much!
WOW how organised are you!! I have made my own bread for years now (I am on my second breadmaker, the first one lasted 15 years). Although I have experimented and have quite a few recipes now, I don't grind my own flours at all.

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