A Word Art Wednesday card

I wanted to get the last verse  for Word Art Wednesday made into a card - So I have caught up - Yay!
I love the verse and I know I will be able to make many cards with it!

I had a real problem with my printer, and I hate to say it but I need a new one!  My Epson just refused to print on vellum, and the canon is dead.  I loved the Canon, it would print on anything but the heads only lasted a year!!

The first version of this card came out depressing, so I pulled it apart and did it again:

I also used the wrong ink, I used archival instead of memento and thought why is this smearing??  Duh, wrong ink pad.

So the moral of this card making event was:  keep at it, it will all work out okay! Like much of life, just put one-foot in front of the other!
Thanks for stopping by, I am back to packing!
Ginny M


this is gorgeous Ginny - love the bird image, and the way you have cut the background is fascinating. So glad you persisted and finished this beautiful card.

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