Graphics Fairy, Word Art Wednesday and a vintage digital card.

It's a beautiful Sunday here in San Antonio! We're taking the day to rest from the trip and get ready for the week.  Food shopping and a ton of laundry will also be part of the day .  Normally we spend half our Sundays's in our Church, but this Sunday we just needed to sleep eat good food and give thanks.

Last night I played in my craft room while Steve watched football.  Here's the card:

 I wanted to make a Word Art Wednesday card with the beautiful verse done by Karen Murry:
I haven't made any political statements on my blog or on my social media sites and I'm not going to except this:  I am a Christian and I believe in the literal living and pursuit of the Bible Principles: Holiness, Righteousness, Charity and Grace.  I think we all think this is the worst race in the last 100 years.  I am sick of the fear mongering and hate.  I am shocked at some of the things spirit-filled people have said to me.  I am thankful to live in this country and I am even more thankful to Know I am a citizen of that city  which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God. (Heb 11:10).
 The scripture tells countries to repent and that an evil ruler is judgment from God.  Lord, Help us to Live the Word that is forever settled in Heaven and to KNOW you are in charge and on time.  Political statement done.

I also spent some time arranging my digital files, I try to keep them in good order.  if you are a digital user you know that once you get started it is very easy to have tens of thousands of Jpegs and Pngs, grazing all over your computer.  I am a windows user now, but some time ago I used a Mac.  My filing system tends to work like a mac -  I use icons for specific files  that are organized by topics my brain responds to.  Last night I opened up my "Graphics Fairy" folder and started organizing.  This site offers high-quality digitals AND tutorials on how to use them for about 10.00 a month.  You really can't get a better price or quality on the internet. 

I keep a separate hard drive to back my files up, I have invested in the last ten years a great deal of time  collecting and curating my images and I don't want to loose them - computers crash and get viruses  way to easily for me to not take 5 minutes a week to safeguard them!

Using Publisher, I picked a pretty vintage frame 

I decided I wanted to "Pop" the verse

and printed it on parchment

I pulled papers from the Misc. basket

Added a little distressing

I always border my layers, either with dark paper or ink

Found a bit of lace

and here is my card again ,   I touched the flowers with  clear wink of Stella to add a little sparkle

And my back stamp to make it complete

I suggest you check out the websites I have linked, they will really enhance your art and your skill, I'm not paid to advertise for these sites, I am just happy to share the quality!
Thanks for stopping bay and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
Ginny M


What a lovely card Ginny - love the touches of lace :-), and thanks for the hints on computer 'housekeeping'.

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