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 When we were traveling last month,  a real highlight was a walk on the beach with Lissa and Steve.  This  was a beautiful beach with sand so white it looked like snow!  we  came across a few eager Sanderlings,  they were pretty fearless in thier pursiut of supper!

We came to this beach to watch the sunset off the gulf coast.  It was so beautiful and very painterly!

The sands were so clean and the water was crystal clear.

The  Sanderling reminded me of one of my Digital stamps:
you can save and use this:

Here is the card I made to send as a thank you to our sweet daughter

It is really the little moments that make life big, Birds on a beach, a grandbaby smiling back at you, you best friend and husband holding your hand, kids that love you.  Those are the real things that make life so sweet!

This Card is being entered in  Word Art Wednesdays' challenge

Thanks for stopping by and hope you can use the digital for your paper crafting!
Ginny M


Steven M said…
I was amazed at how white and soft the beach was. I am not always a water lover but I found this beach and the scenery very tranquil. I wished I had my shorts with me, I would have been staying longer :) Loved being with my wife and daughter !!! Steve
What a beautiful place Ginny - we have very few pure white beacg=hes, and I did not see one until well into my adulthood - the beaches I went to a s a child were all black with ironsand!! Boy did they get hot in the full sun!

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