Big project results

In Yesterday's post I mention that I have I have a Facebook Group 'Christain Card Makers' that offers resources at no cost to card makers, its purpose is to encourage those who encourage others.  Well, I have little contests both scheduled and random.  Lat week I had a random show us your crafty space.  18 people posted pictures!  So I made 18 gifts for everyone's craft room.  I made each one for each one I tried to pick out a background paper to fit in with the craft room:

Printed the digitals on my PC and then fussy cut

 Added layering details

Hand stamped the verse

Die cut a mini easel for the front panel

Assembled and here's my cards!!

This verse has given me a great deal of strength and fortitude and I just had to find a reason to share it!

Thanks for stopping by!!
Ginny M


These look wonderful Ginny!! I think that verse may be needed here too ....
Robin said…
How beautiful! I love your cards I have them displayed in my home. XXOO
Caitiumom said…
They are beautiful.
Mm dear sis I guess you really truly need these words at the moment, sendungbhugs and much prayer, for Gods mercy and blessing...and the everlasting arms.
I love these images verses and papers you have such a brilliant idea for colour.
I've used the black marker for edging since my very early state school teacher days... it really takes me back thinking of it. I've still got the old wooden black edged school ruler I save to use for those black edges.... to preserve my other rulers 😄
Sending hugs and prayers sis.
Thanks for sharing your inspiration,
Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}
Tricia Coffin said…
Awesome-looking cards, Ginny. They are beautiful! You sure put in a lot of work. What is a mini-easel for the front panel?
Deborah said…
Can you show us a photo of how you use the giant Sharpie and ruler to make equally wide lines on your cards? I can't visualize how you do that, but love the look on your cards! Thanks!

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