Fast, Beautiful, Frame-able and a tip on using digitals!

Long time ago I spent many hours trying to become a good calligrapher. This was pre-1990 before the age of  computers and even before word processors (do you remember word processors)?
one of my best friends had a vintage pantograph machine that I had dearly coveted.

It was just not meant for me to be a hand calligrapher.

so fast forward to the present:

I am so thankful that I have been able to fulfill my desire to create beautiful art in calligraphy. both from my own computer and from wonderful resources like  Gracielle Designs

I Love to digitize scripture for wall and I have a passion to use it in card making.

Better yet if I can combine the two!  
With most cards I make I attempt to make the card worthy of a frame.
Today I want to show you something super simple you can make as a card and as a gift 

I used my new Everlasting Love set and pulled one verse from the group:

To use my digitals I have created a template in a 4.5x5.5 size in publisher, you can also use word.  I keep this on my desk to and anytime I want to create a digital I use this ( I have several other size templates) this size is my main go to.

you can easily create this by going into your program, create the size you want and then simply "save as" to your desktop.

I just click on the icon and my "canvas" comes up ready to use!

I keep a stack of precut cardstocks right next to the printer

I copy and paste my image onto the canvas and then simply print! Everything is the correct scale!

for this card, I created my image, grabbed a die cut frame I had in my stash

here are two card examples from these materials:
very simple:

and very simple with color:

Taking it up a couple of notches
finished card:

and putting a frame on it:

these cards are very simple, what can make these or any card outstanding is the quality of materials. High-quality paper ink and digitals make for High -quality, Elegant cards
Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope my tips help you in your Card Making and Art Adventures!
Ginny M

These cards have also been entered in the Loves to scrap challenge!  Check it out!


Crystal Komara said…
This is a beautiful framed piece, Ginny! Hugs, Crystal
Two great cards there, Ginny Maxam, and well done you indeedy!!!!! ❤❤❤­čśä
Shaz in Oz.x
chanya13 said…
Beautiful cards!!! hugs ♥

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