Playing with my Cricut

I've started making cards kits again and this time I am getting my Cricut and Scan n' Cut involved.
There is definitely a learning curve  - I am using my computer and scanner and the two cutting machines.  Ever have an idea, you can see the beginning and the end, but the middle is a mystery?
Well I'm about knee deep in the mystery part.  Here are a few results from the Cricut:

My first Cricut card, I thought this was so cute and it only took me three attempts to get it right!  I know some people might think doing cards with cutting and not stamping is simple, It is not!

Of course, I used Best Glue ever to hold all those layers, including the lettering - love the ultra fine tip for that!

Next, I cut a piece of paper lace, just to see if I could!

I think this is pretty amazing and totally vilifies why I don't like using steel dies ( to much work)

Not sure which Side I will use, but both are beautiful.  This actually gives me an idea of how to use one-sided paper I don't like - we know there are usually many of those sheets if you buy stacks!

Here is a fun freebie for you today!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M 


Oh Ginny that lace had me swooning - I am a big lace fan, and also dabble at making it, but that lace is stunning.
Your elephant card is stunning - so much detail and such a strong but tender image for a baby card.
Crystal Komara said…
Wow, a Cricut AND a Scan & Cut! Plus, a computer, wow, that IS a lot of work, but these elephants are beautiful!
Ellie Knol said…
How did you make the lace?

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