A little weekend fun!

I've made new stamping friends here in CNY,   and had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours crafting with Arlene yesterday:  Here's what I made:

I made two of these and they are headed to my long time stamping friends in MA

and you can never have too many Birthday cards!

It is always a challenge to just pack up "stuff" and head of to craft - what stuff, how much stuff.  I always forget something and in this case my black liner paper so no problem, I'll use a black marker and ruler.  that works great as long as you didn't forget the ruler!  Oh well, a good stiff piece of card stock can become and emergency ruler!

I hope you are having some fun this weekend, doing what ever it is that refreshes you !Have a great rest of your day! 

Ginny M


Oh Ginny I had to smile at your last comments about forgetting stuff - I know the feeling. Must say I enjoyed your cards though, particularly the technology one :-)
Greta said…
Cute vintage cards & a beautiful one for a BD!

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