Coloring Pages, A Journal and Freebie

As an adult, I have enjoyed a little downtime with coloring.  I wasn't a very great at it as a kid, I actually thought it was kinda boring. Now I enjoy it if I can do a piece in less than 20 minutes and it has a purpose. - can I make a card out of it or a piece of wall art?   I have found that a lot of women love coloring in books and journals so I recently introduce Coloring bible verse to my women's group at church.  This type of coloring is very relaxing, I think about the verse and color.  I pulled 52 free printable off the internet from an array of sources and will post one on Mondays on the groups' FB page - fun!  I started this week and then made a journal to keep these pieces in.  Maybe someday I will give it as a gift.  I thought I would share the page and the journal with you all- you can save and print and maybe make a journal too!

Here is the journal and the process:

front of the journal


 I just used a pretty piece if 12x12 that was in my stash.  the journal is  8.5x5.5- standard sheet cut in half. I used a 65# weight paper, I wanted it to be a nice paper to add more coloring or inking.

I used a stack cutter to cut the paper - all 52 sheets at once!

I am fortunate to have a cinch machine - it made binding this a snap!

To hold the covers on to the chipboard, Best Glue Ever makes it seamless.

a DT card I made a while ago that did not make it into the mail, I cut it up for the cover.

The first page colored and glued in. Tonight I will add my thoughts.

and if you would like to try coloring a verse, you can right click and save then print:

I love this verse especially this time of the year!

Thanks for stopping by
Ginny M


Shelly Schmidt said…
Lovely journal- and very pretty front you have created!. I love the verse on the front cover as well! Thanks for the freebie- will print it out for some relaxing coloring!
Greta said…
Beautiful paper for your journal & I really love how you added the pearls!
What a beautiful journal Ginny - hoe wonderful to have a cutter that you can do bulk cutting with!
Thank you for the fabulous freebie - again

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