How I Store my Sentiment Stamps and a freebie

I do 80% of my sentiments in digital form.  I like to do batches of sentiments, put them in my digital die frames print and then use my Scan and Cut machine to cut them out .  Those then go into a storage cabnet or a large bider with pockets.  Someday I would like to have a library card catalog for storage of sentiments and scriptures, but until then I used my tool cabinet and binders.

I thought you might be interested in seeing how I store my rubber sentiment stamp- I think storage is always interesting!

I use these giant media binders, they have 5-inch oval rings and are meant for CD storage. 

For individual stamps, I used baseball card holders

For sets, I use two pocket holders

I have one binder for bible verses and one binder for Sentiments and Sayings. 

This system works very well for me and it was very inexpensive, these binders are 10.95 each on Amazon.  This started with the Tim Holtz binders and trying to store my TH sets.  Well that would have taken a lot of those small binders and I did not want to spend 200.00 on binders so I went this route and spent 40.00 .

Room for two more!

Thanks for stopping by and here is a popular saying right now  for you to enjoy:

right :


Ginny M


Donna said…
This is the best/most appropriate system for me and I will finally get my sentiment/scripture stamps organized so I can actually find them! Thank you for sharing.
What a great buy those binders were Ginny - and an awesome system for you.
Thank you for the freebies

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